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Monday, 14 Sivan, 5779
  |  June 17, 2019

    Rabbis Express Support for Vaad

    Chief choizer Rabbi Yoel Kahn and Rabbi Yitzchok Yehudah Yaruslavsky urge continued support of the Vaad Hatmimim, currently running a matching campaign. Full Story, Video

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    Rabbi Chaim Okolica, 103, OBM

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    A praising mother
    A praising mother

    I can’t express my gratitude to the Vaad for what they’re doing to my kids! I hear of all the curriculums & Mivtza’s arranged, this is truly what the Rebbe wants from us!

    Let’s get together and show our appreciation.

    Ilu hoitziu lo'or haDerher dayenu!
    Ilu hoitziu lo'or haDerher dayenu!

    Al achas kama vekama, tova x1 kfula x2 umechupeles x3 for everything else you do. Including tishrei too. go vaad.