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Tuesday, 22 Sivan, 5779
  |  June 25, 2019

    Rabbi Groner Comforts in Skulen

    The Rebbe's Mazkir, Rabbi Leibel Groner, and Crown Heights Badatz Rabbi Yosef Braun paid a Shiva visit to the family of the Rebbe of Skulen, Rabbi Yisroel Avrohom Portugal OBM. Full Story, Photos

    Wedding: Babayov – Ladayev

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    Does it exist?

    R. Zusia, ZT"L, a Baal Tshuva? wrote:
    R. Zusia, ZT"L, a Baal Tshuva? wrote:

    In the late 70’s, I was a bochur at a Baal Tshuva Lubavitch Yeshiva in Miami. It was customary for many Rebbes, among them R. Zusia, the Frierdiker Skulener Rebbe, to spend time in Miami during the winter, for health reasons. When we heard about Rebbes coming to Miami – “Wow! We don;t have to travel to NY to see tzaddikim. Here they are right in our backyard!” So, another bochur, one motzei Shabbos, decided to go to the Rebbe to see him make Havdalah. The Rebbe noticed a visitor, and asked who he was. He answered, “I go here… Read more »