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Tuesday, 20 Tammuz, 5779
  |  July 23, 2019

    R’ Danny Cohen’s Heartfelt Message

    Hebron Shliach Danny Cohen shares an emotional message about Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz, just ahead of his 47th birthday this Shabbos being marked with a massive global Tefillin campaign. Full Story, Video

    Wedding: Arnold – Friedman

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    Wow so touching!!
    Wow so touching!!

    This is so moving! Thank you rabbi danny!

    Refua Shlaima
    Refua Shlaima

    When my sons would come home from Gan Yisroel Montreal, they were always hungry. Maybe it just had to do with being home. So while I served their favorite foods, they would stay seated long enough to tell me about their summer.
    It was clear the best part of camp was evening activity.
    Because the evening activity director was Yitzi Hurwitz.
    I kept hearing Yitzi’s name over and over.
    Listening to the stories I could feel Yitzi’s creativity and energy promoting Torah, Mitzvohs and Moshiach.
    May this Tefilin Campaign be the catalyst for YItzi’s Refua Shlaima.

    Is there somewhere we can post the pics
    Is there somewhere we can post the pics

    Of mivtza teffillin & Neshek for Yitzi?