Wednesday, 5 Tishri, 5784
  |  September 20, 2023

New Crown Heights Housing Takes Parking and Brings Homeless

A new housing development is planned for Crown Heights at 681 Clarkson Ave (NE Corner of Albany and Clarkson), which will add to the lack of parking and bring more homeless individuals to the neighborhood. There will be a zoom meeting tonight to address this important issue. Full Story

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January 9, 2023 5:31 pm

We were all warn and told not to support the Democrats .

We don't have the numbers, need other options
Reply to  Joe
January 9, 2023 6:40 pm

We don’t have the numbers to elect the right people (or they tell people they are not registered to vote- all that nonsense), the only options are suing to get the drug shelters out, or/and publicizing this to the large news outlets. They are clearly trying to destroy our community

rethink the way you approach this.
January 9, 2023 5:49 pm

Instead of fighting this, why don’t we utilize some of this for the frum community? We definitely need frum housing for the elderly or those with mental health challenges. We can take advantage of this to support our own community.

Also when we take care of our neighbors and support their health we support the whole community.

Reply to  rethink the way you approach this.
January 9, 2023 7:09 pm

Get real, Its not worth if even if ten jews win the lottery to get in. The pain is not worth the gain.

Jewish family in homeless shelter
Reply to  rethink the way you approach this.
January 9, 2023 7:19 pm

This is not for elderly. Its very dangerous for an elderly person.

Its very hard to live in a homeless shelter, especially if you are targeted as a jew.

Also its a lottery that imports people and homeless from all over nyc homeless

We need to get together and stop this Jews and POC
January 9, 2023 5:57 pm

We must stop this. it affects many young families which just invested tremendously in buying on the outskirts of CH to expend the shcuna. More disturbed homeless individuals is a huge threat to the community at large.

Also a opening on Troy will destroy that side in addition to Albany which already looks like zombie town.

Reply to  We need to get together and stop this Jews and POC
January 9, 2023 6:53 pm

Every block around that area has to get together all the families and do what they can to stop this. This is our future, This is our children and grandchildren living in the area. And for those of us living in central crown heights don’t think you are safe from this. These people go up and down the streets as we see already from the other shelters around the neighborhood. These people walk amongst our women and children on kingston, sit in the parks ( Lefferts, rutland etc) that our children play in. Do your part and show up. Arrange… Read more »

100% on point
Reply to  Resident
January 9, 2023 10:58 pm

Block association is perfect – take a picture with 100 Jews and 100 African Americans and you would shake the political Establishment because it would be on every news channel ..the public would east it up…. please email me – I have been in contact with a block association in East Flatbush who has media contacts and is against this.

[email protected]

Reply to  100% on point
January 10, 2023 1:29 am

Yes, the Jewish & African Community & residents of this area jointly oppose to these new drug infested crime shelters.

We both want beautiful and safe streets, we need to team up with our goyishe friends and neighbors in south CH and demand no new drug shelters.

On a similar note, I hear our friends in Park Slope would love to have these drug shelters instead, let’s give them the honors, there are many viable locations in park slope.

Reply to  100% on point
January 10, 2023 1:32 am

*The Jewish & African American community jointly oppose the shelter.

January 9, 2023 6:47 pm

I do not live on that side of town but I have young married children that do. THIS IS A SAKANA FOR THE WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD. Are you a father of one of the many young families living in that area then please SHOW UP ! do your part. Post it on your whatsapp block chat. There are powers in numbers. The future of that side of Crown heights and the rest of the neighborhood is in your hands. Our children’s safety is being compromised by this inordinate amount of homeless coming to town. THere is already so many homeless crawling… Read more »

January 9, 2023 7:08 pm

Yasher Koach to Mr Jay Sorid for bringing this to our attention. There is only until February 5 to give in a WRITTEN comment against this project. Where and how do we send our thoughts to?

Diane richardson is responsible
January 9, 2023 7:09 pm

Why were we told to vote for her? Why did this community make such a fuss over her??.

We didn’t
Reply to  Diane richardson is responsible
January 9, 2023 9:51 pm

Nobody I know voted for these people

January 9, 2023 7:23 pm

I am on the zoom now, They are selling this project under “access to fresh food,” “health and wellness and other nice terms such as workforce development.” What is really will bring is more 1-More crime 2- unsafe parks for our children 3- Crime 4- Our women and girls being scared to walk down albany/troy from programs etc at night and many more issues. Wake up friends.

Wheres the JCC??
January 9, 2023 7:44 pm

Isn’t this the kind of thing they should be fighting for, if not this then what exactly are they doing ?!

What JCC? There's no photo op for this :)
Reply to  Wheres the JCC??
January 10, 2023 9:14 am

The JCC voted for the lousy Mayor, Council, Senate, etc that won elections. If there’s no money or photo op in it for them, unfortunately, CH ain’t Williamsburg – when it comes to fighting for our neighborhood.

They made photo op for the sponsor of this
Reply to  What JCC? There's no photo op for this :)
January 10, 2023 2:46 pm

Photo op was made for diane richardson as they told everyone to vote for her.
Richardson in return sponsored this and made all meetings about it on saturdays.
Thats how she repaid us

Follow up information needed
January 9, 2023 9:17 pm

Please tell us where we can send our protest and who should we contact.
Thank you very much

Great job to the community on tonight’s Zoom!
January 9, 2023 9:35 pm

I’m so impressed at the huge turnout of our community at this Zoom event tonight. Everyone brought up great concerns. The last attendee to voice his concerns mentioned (paraphrasing) how this is the heart / HQ of our community and that there is nowhere else we can go in Brooklyn to be near the heart / HQ of our community. Whereas there are jillions of other places that this homeless / addict-housing gargantuan project can be placed. One of heads of this meeting became very warm to this last Jewish community member and expressed his appreciation towards our community. The… Read more »

Zoom follow up
January 9, 2023 10:24 pm

Jay, Maybe make some kind of group we can all get involved in to try and do something about this.

WhatsApp Group
Reply to  Zoom follow up
January 10, 2023 1:35 am

Yes, Make a WhatsApp Group for concerned CH Residents on ideas to fight against the new shelters.

No love or compassion
January 9, 2023 10:30 pm

People suffering from homelessness are being given homes – they will cease to be homeless. This is a huge social issue – people are living on the street, and are being given an opportunity to get off of the street! It’s clear that we need more housing of every type, and getting people off of the street is an objective good. These are human being, בצלם אלקים, and all everyone is concerned about is their parking spots.

Charity begins at home
Reply to  No love or compassion
January 9, 2023 11:44 pm

The tzelem elokim homeless people can find shelter elsewhere. Our girls and women don’t have to be attacked on the street.

That’s not really the case.
Reply to  No love or compassion
January 9, 2023 11:45 pm

It’s already extremely dangerous over there and they’re wanting to create a huge place to bring in even more homeless people and addicts. They said that they don’t include parking since it’s “under-utilized” at their other crime-housing sites. See, that tells you that they do not know what this neighborhood is now. It is now an overflow from our CH community where many beautiful families have moved and most of whom have large vehicles that need to park. It is also a safety issue when all these parents are circling forever trying to find parking when their babies need to… Read more »

Too simplistic
Reply to  No love or compassion
January 10, 2023 12:44 am

Sadly. Many homeless are out in the streets bc of UNtreated mental illness. Social workers, police & well-meaning volunteers go out on bitter cold nights to bring them in out of the cold but the majority don’t cooperate & prefer the streets. There is a very long & awful history of how NY came to this point and it takes much more than “housing” to solve it.

Here’s the email
January 9, 2023 10:42 pm

[email protected]

Email them!!!!

Contact Brian Cunningham
January 9, 2023 11:32 pm

Also everyone please call assemblyman
Brian Cunningham office. We all went out to vote for him now let’s see if he will speak for our concerns.

Albany Office
LOB 631
Albany, NY 12248
[email protected]

Brooklyn office

Monica Sturge
Reply to  Contact Brian Cunningham
January 19, 2023 3:18 am

His office is a waste as is most of our representatives. His staff doesn’t respond to his constituents. Myrie’s staff is even worse. Still waiting for a hearing after bringing issues to his office in 2019. The question is how can we hold these elected officials accountable. We rallied, protested and screamed when they were closing the beds at Kingsbrook Hospital, to no avail. Residents of 11203 have to travel to Brookdale or Interfaith for services. Where are the 30 something Ambulatory Clinics that were promised under One Brooklyn Health?

To many new homeless shelters
January 10, 2023 1:19 am

These address are not the only new homeless shelters being proposed in Crown Heights.

There is also
777 Rutland Rd

808 Rutland Rd

832 Rutland Rd

681 Albany Ave

(Google all the different addresses for the plans on each homeless shelter)

Can someone in the community please look into this.

Monica Sturge
Reply to  To many new homeless shelters
January 19, 2023 2:56 am

There’s also Kingsbrook Estates stretching from Schenectady and Rutland to Utica Ave and down Utica Ave, taking away the very reason the shareholders of Harry Silver Coop have lived in this community for over 70 years. There will be mass chaos in this community if our elected officials do not step up and do their job. Gov Hochul and Mayor Adams cannot tell the people of this neighborhood what they need. How the hell can Clarkson Ave be considered “blighted” and “underutilized.” This is absurd. I forgot to mention that there’s also hundreds of units being built on East New… Read more »

Lawsuit time.
January 10, 2023 1:24 am

Jay, Thank You for letting our community know about this.

Please inform our community of what the next steps can be taken to fight against this insanity, More legal or lawsuit options and other ideas.

You got the entire community supporting you.

They think we are clueless children
January 10, 2023 1:49 am

With all due respect to the non profit homeless provider “Breaking Ground” representative. I was on the Zoom meeting. In a well spoken excuse to claim that the current lawlessness & crime from homeless in south CH is not their fault. “Breaking Ground” representative claimed that “Breaking Ground” does NOT currently manage any homeless shelters in 11203. Total flat out lie, Breaking Ground not for profit organization CURRENTLY manages and runs a crime ridden zombie infested homeless shelter at 781 Clarkson Ave, Brooklyn NY 11203. (Between Schenectady and Utica Aves) I know this first hand because my cousin was the… Read more »

Monica Sturge
Reply to  They think we are clueless children
January 19, 2023 3:08 am

I was the facilitator of support groups at Kingsbrook for many years and those buildings were used for supportive housing. Why were they turned over to Breaking Ground? I remember our Assemblywoman facilitating a meeting at Kingsbrook Jewish to fool the community into believing that it was a good thing to bring all these homeless people into CH. These people are being bussed into this neighborhood from Brighton Beach, Sunset Park, Dyker Heights etc. They are not from this neighborhood. The Gov in her wisdom will then decide that the City is not collecting enough taxes from CH and declare… Read more »

I live on a near one of these
January 10, 2023 11:45 am

There’s a shelter similar to this on Eastern Parkway and Troy. The people housed there drink alcohol on the street. They urinate on the sidewalk and litter constantly. They harass passersby for cigarettes, change, and they make unwelcome comments. During the summer months, the area smells and looks like a bathroom and the body odor is horrendous.