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Tuesday, 19 Av, 5779
  |  August 20, 2019
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    Monsey Principals Meet Against NYS Education Regulations

    In a moving and powerful event, principals and administrators of frum Jewish schools in Monsey and Kiryat Joel met to galvanize and protest against the New York State education regulations. Full Story, Photos

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    Lets unite
    Lets unite

    When all the frum jews will unite and protest against the new gezeira forcing what should go into the holy bodies of yiddishe kinderlach, they will be able to fight the gezeira of what they are forcing to put into their holy neshomos.

    A threat to democracy is a threat to freedom
    A threat to democracy is a threat to freedom

    This then is the work of the ‘democratic’ party and the ‘liberals’. A clear and present threat to true democracy and freedom. Preaching ‘inclusion’ and using it as a tool to exclude the constitutional rights of a law abiding and peace loving electorate. If they had the welfare of school children at heart and the greatest likelihood of them growing up to achieve disproportionate success they would try to MODEL the values taught in a Jewish school. Let’s vote these hypocrites out.. before they turn New York and America into a soviet Russia.