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Saturday, 23 Av, 5779
  |  August 24, 2019
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    Jewish Pride at Manchester Airport

    Before boarding their flight to New York for the annual CTeen Shabbaton, a group of teens accompanied by Rabbi Moshe Cohen put on Tefillin in Manchester airport. More

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    Go rabbi Moshe
    Go rabbi Moshe

    Most awesome rabbi

    Hafotza lechatchila ariber
    Hafotza lechatchila ariber

    This is an awesome display of Jewish Pride and is to the credit of their Mashpia Reb Moshe Cohen for these many boys going to CTeens to put on Teffilin in Manchester Airport is really a true Nachas Ruach and shows how Yiddishkeit in England has
    Broken out of its inhibitions keshoufutzo mayonesecho chutzoh

    go reb Moshe!!
    go reb Moshe!!

    Lighting up Manchester!!!!