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Monday, 21 Sivan, 5779
  |  June 24, 2019

    “Jew in the City” in Sydney

    An event for women about the beauty of Mikvah was held in Sydney, Australia with guest speaker Allison Josephs of "Jew in the City." Full Story

    “I Want You To Smile”

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    So glad to hear Mikvah1000 is underway down under it had an amazing impact on my Shlichus with the women I approached. What a zechus Rashi minkowitz and Rivky barber have. I am sure they are pulling their strings on high too!!!

    Sternei hold the Chabad torch high
    Sternei hold the Chabad torch high

    Shternei ,we are honored again to see an example of a true shlucha
    Of the Rebbe , always in the front lines in spearheadIng another function in bringing Jewish Mothers and Daughters closer to true yiddishkeit a true example of the Rebbe shluchim
    Hashem grants you best health and happiness , much nachas and simchas
    many draw from your inspiration and great speaches
    Continue , this brings Moshiach faster

    Yashar Koach Shluchos Of Sydney!
    Yashar Koach Shluchos Of Sydney!

    Yashar Koach Shternie for launching Mikvah 1000 in Sydney! Hatzlocho Rabbo Umuflogoh! Mamosh feel the Geula unfolding in front of our eyes.. as we see lady by lady, city by city, country by country being gathered.. ViAtem Tiluktu L’Achad Echod LiKabel Pnai Moshiach Tzidkainu – BiKdusha VITahara! BH in our community we have young married women so inspired that they are bringing their friends, mothers, mother in laws and grand mothers to the Mikvah! AND BH sooo many miracles coming from this for all those participating in this camaign BH! Chap Arain in these last moments of Golus.. add YOUR… Read more »