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Monday, 14 Sivan, 5779
  |  June 17, 2019

    Is It Vital to Live in Crown Heights?

    Chassidus Applied: Is it important to live in Crown Heights, healthy anger, homebirth and emotional connection between spouses. Video

    The K-Factor With Akiva Isenberg

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    This Shouldn't Need Discussion
    This Shouldn't Need Discussion

    Short Answer: No
    Long Answer: The answer to this is the answer to the following: is it best for you and your families spiritual, emotional, physical and financial wellbeing? Does it provide the optimal environment for you to spread Chassidus and Torah, and inspire others? Will it provide your children the best education possible (trick question, the answer to this one is clearly no)? Answer that, and there is your solution

    Healthy eating
    Healthy eating

    I agree with the person who commented about eating according to the Rambam’s diet. Among his laws, he writes, “They have given another principle with regard to physical well-being: As long as one exercises, exerts himself greatly, does not eat to the point of satiation and has loose bowels, he will not suffer sickness and he will grow in strength. [This applies] even if he eats harmful foods.[Conversely,] whoever is idle and does not exercise, or does not move his bowels when he has the need, or is constipated, even if he eats the proper foods and takes care to… Read more »

    To # 2
    To # 2

    Thank you, my husband has often mentioned to me the same advice of the Rambam for eating and health as well.