Friday, 15 Kislev, 5782
  |  November 19, 2021

Help Protect Our Right to Vote

In the last election, many people of Crown Heights complained about there being no Jewish Poll Workers at the sites where members of the community vote. United Crown Heights PAC would like to change that with your help. Full Story

Multiple Sunscreens Recalled Over Cancer-Causing Chemical

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July 15, 2021 3:01 pm

The last time I looked into this position (for someone that was out of work), the hours were from 6AM to 9PM, and the hourly rate came to around $10/hour.

If this is different, and can be more palatable, please include that information in the article

5 to 10, not 6 to 9.
Reply to  resident
July 15, 2021 8:53 pm

It’s not 6AM to 9PM, it’s 5AM to at least 10PM, or even 10:30. You get a total of two hours’ worth of breaks during the day. The pay is $200 for the day, plus $100 for taking a four-hour training course. If you work all the elections of the year you get a bonus, but it’s too late for that this year because you already missed the primary. It’s not great money, but it is money, and if you don’t have something else that pays more then it’s a good way to earn something while serving the community. And… Read more »