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Saturday, 20 Iyyar, 5779
  |  May 25, 2019

    El Al Miami Flight Gets Blessing

    El Al is coming back to Miami: Chabad rabbis were present to place a Mezuzah as the airline renewed nonstop flights to Israel. Full Story, Photos, Video

    “I’m Not Ignoring You, Mom!”

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    Lipskar brothers
    Lipskar brothers

    Amazing how they work day and night to give our rebbeh and lubavitch nachas

    Mi kiamcha yisroel

    Chaim & Eli
    Chaim & Eli

    Article says Eli affixed the mezuzah – but the pic shows Chaim doing that.
    Good bros making sure both get the credit. Now make good use of those El Al flights. Folks in Israel want to see your gorgeous kids 🙂

    Lipskar Brothers are
    Lipskar Brothers are

    So happy El Al is back in Miami. Safest airline in the world & now even safer with the touch of Chabad.
    Looking for ward to flying with them very soon
    Arke Minkowitz

    Thanks, El-Al!
    Thanks, El-Al!

    You’ve tried this before, but since then the demographics of the greater Miami area have changed – there are far more young people living down there than there were in years past. IY”H this will be a successful venture for you and a much needed convenience for the folks down South. Hatzlacha Rabba.!
    P.S. So proud to see our chevra doing what the Rebbe has taught to do. Continued hatzlacha in your p’u’lohs.