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Friday, 19 Iyyar, 5779
  |  May 24, 2019

    Don’t Forget an Eruv Tavshilin

    When Shabbat occurs on the second day of a festival - as it does this year - an "eruv tavshilin" must be prepared prior to the festival, so that it should be permitted to prepare food for Shabbat during the festival. Full Story

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    Eruv Tavshilin needs better explanation
    Eruv Tavshilin needs better explanation

    To my dismay, like many other people I Spoke to since, no one ever properly explained eruv Tavshilin properly to me. My understanding until this past shabbos was that by making an eruv Tavshilin, you can cook until shabbos starts. For example, I put my cholent up (fully raw) right before shabbos. The halacha actually is, that with an eruv Tavshilin, you can cook as long as there is enough time in the day to eat it that day (you don’t actually have to eat it, it just needs to be an option). According to the alter rebbes shulchan aruch,… Read more »