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Sunday, 24 Av, 5779
  |  August 25, 2019
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    Dangers of Child Smartphone Use

    Webcast #30 with Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch on dating, marriage and family issues: The dangers of child smartphone use. Video

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    Child AND TEEN!
    Child AND TEEN!

    Thank you, Rabbi Schonbuch! You are helping save neshamos!!

    Dangers of TEEN and Child......
    Dangers of TEEN and Child......

    Unfiltered internet on teenager’s smartphones are 1 of the reasons why we there are many Chabad families who are finding their teenagers becoming at risk. It’s so sad!

    teach them to use it responsibly
    teach them to use it responsibly

    i think your approach works for some, but for more there needs to be a open trust and education on how to use the phone for the good.
    otherwise we can all start wearing burka’s and putting our heads in the sand.