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Tuesday, 19 Av, 5779
  |  August 20, 2019
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    Caring Correspondence

    Rabbi Eliezer Daniel Meijers, a former professor at the Vrije University in Amsterdam, tells how the Rebbe kept him from being thrown out of Yeshiva. Full Story

    Rabbi Zalman Baras, 38, OBM

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    How do we reconcile these two seemingly opposing ideas?
    How do we reconcile these two seemingly opposing ideas?

    According to Rabbi Eliezer Daniel Meijers; The Rebbe told him in a letter that; “The Rebbe wrote: “There is no way to discern now whether historical events unfolded in one specific manner or another. Nevertheless, no normal person would doubt the consensus of three or four historians. Even if they contradict each other in some details, the majority opinion is accepted, especially if it is an overwhelming majority, such as ten, one hundred, or even one thousand against one. The majority testimony is then accepted as a verified certainty.” And then seemingly the Rebbe also said; “All of the sciences,… Read more »

    יצחק הכהן בלבין
    יצחק הכהן בלבין

    One cannot make an argument regarding the minor disagreement of HISTORIANS to those of SCIENTISTS. For the former, there Idor’s not exist a counter truth that is rooted in experiment and observation. The disagreement of the Scientist is far more cataclysmic (potentially) because multiple theories and models are used to explain an observation or experiment and the disagreement goes to the nuanced ability of the theory to be consistent with the reality. If it is at all faulty or fails to explain some observation, then it loses its veracity and needs to be modified, expanded or abandoned.