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Tuesday, 22 Sivan, 5779
  |  June 25, 2019

    Camp Warns of Swine Flu

    Ahead of Visiting Day in Camp Gan Israel in Parksville, NY, the director Rabbi Yossi Futerfas issued a warning to "all parents and children who may have come in contact with the virus to refrain from coming to camp." Full Story, Live Video

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    Camp Gan Israel, Parksville, have done a great job keeping the parents informed.

    They sent out letters to every camper’s home before camp even started, asking parents not to send kids with a cold/the flu to camp on the first day, and they should bring their child up to camp once they recover.

    They also sent letters to the parent’s homes a week into camp asking that families with kids who have the flu not come into the camp grounds, nor should kids be taken to bungalow colonies where the flu is spreading.

    I am very impressed with CGI’s diligence on this matter.