As Yom Tov is approaching and you sit down to write your to-do list, please add to your list to contribute to the greatest gift campaign. When bills are piling up with no way to pay them, people nagging for large loans to be paid back or the real concern of losing their job, your donation will help alleviate the stress of this family this yom tov and secure their future.
Let us show this family of Anash that they have our support!
It is known that the only mitzvah we can test the Aibershter is with tzedaka!  Please consider donating $360 or more to bring this campaign past the %50 mark before Yom Tov. Whatever you are able to contribute would be much appreciated!
Your donation is going directly to help this family in need.
Let’s unite as a community and show them they are not alone in this crisis. Every dollar raised brings us one step closer to providing financial stability and a peace of mind for this family.
In the zchus of your generosity, helping this family in their dire time of need, may you always have everything you need and in abundance!