Jan 10, 2017
Miami Celebrates Hei Teves

Hundreds gathered in the Yeshiva Gedola of Greater Miami for a Farbrengen in honor of the auspicious day of Hei Teves.

On Tuesday evening, 5th Teves, a large gathering of Anash and others gathered in the Yeshiva Gedola of Greater Miami for a Farbrengen in honor of the auspicious day.

Rabbi Chaim Stern of the Hanhala emceed the event, and honored Rabbi Bentche Korf with the recitation of the Rebbe's Kapitel.

Rabbi Avraham Korf, Head Shliach to the state of Florida, addressed the gathering, primarily focusing on Hiskashrus to the Rebbe, especially those who were fortunate enough to experience personal miracles in the past year.

Rabbi Stern then told the story of Hey Teves.

Rabbi Y.L. Schapiro, Rosh Yeshiva and Rav of Beis Menachem of Miami Beach, explained at length that aside from the great events that unfolded on Hey Teves, now, after Gimmel Tamuz this is ever more applicable.

As the Rebbe explained, the opposition claimed that with the Histalkus of the Previous Rebbe the leadership of the Previous Rebbe had stopped, which from this case, we can take that the victory is but a declaration that the above is false. It’s palpable that all the words applied to the Previous Rebbe are relevant to the Rebbe in an ever more momentous way.

Through the victory, it is affirmed that after Gimmel Tamuz the Rebbe is here with us as ever before.

Rabbi Sholom Lipskar, Shliach to Bal Harbor, Florida, described the great tension that was present at the time from when the story began until ultimately the victory on Hey Teves.

Rabbi Benjy Korf, Headmaster of the Lubavitch Educational Center in Florida, was the final speaker, and expressed the significance of the day as one that calls for the strengthening the connection between the Rebbe and his Chassidim.

After the formal part of the evening concluded, a Farbrengen began and lasted for a few hours, late into the night.

During the Farbrengen, Rabbi Baruch Oberlander, Head Shliach to Hungary, related that the illustrious Mr. Eli Weisel once told him that he had never wanted to testify in the court case, for he had never involved himself in legal matters, and he did it only after the Rebbe had requested of him numerous times to do so.

He himself never understood the urgency for his testimony, until he once met the honorable Judge Charles P. Sifton who expressed to Mr. Weisel that when he had heard that he was coming to testify in favor of Lubavitch, and then eventually hearing his testimony in court, it had influenced his final decision. Then, Mr. Weisel said, he understood the urgency the Rebbe had that he testify.

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big Z Schapiro
beautiful the main thing is you the main thing is that you all had good time and that's the most important thing go Feter Lable Schapiro
(1/10/2017 11:47:43 PM)
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