Feb 14, 2018
Aliya Institute Aims for Younger

Aliya of Crown Heights, usually all about rising up, is aiming down with the launch of a new younger division for boys aged 15-17.

As we know, ALIYA is all about rising up. This Wednesday, however, it will be about going down!

ALIYA is launching a new younger division for boys aged 15-17.

Over the past 15 years, Aliya has become notorious for successfully reaching "IN" to young adults 18+ in our community. And BH we have seen tremendous results with countless happy success stories amongst our thousands of alumni. There are even two shuls in Crown Heights that were started by ALIYA Alumni.

Each year Aliya makes countless weddings, helps over 100 young men find suitable employment, counselling and friendships, in addition amazing Shabbatons, trips and very relaxed and non-judgemental minyanim. ALIYA also provides a music room with professional music courses given by Shlomo Recu, a GED course given by Zalmy Schreiber, a fully equipped gym and a constant supply of delicious food prepped by ALIYA’s in-house chef Dovid Iglis.

Since opening the "ALIYA Teffilin Booth" during the Israel / Gaza war in 2014, ALIYA members Aron Freshtman and Moishe Loekinsky became aware of a tremendous need to reach IN to the very sorely neglected demographic of 15-17-year-olds. So many of the people that stopped by the Teffilin booth to wrap are aged 15 and 17 and are not in any structured program, and no one is reaching out to them.

Starting Today, this will change! ALIYA's annual fundraising campaign which is being tripled by our generous matchers will fill the void and reach-IN to our 15-17 year old generation with the same love, support, and programs we offer 18+ generation.

It is time to reach IN and rise up to the call of our youth! #OurYouthOurFuture please go to www.aliyainstitute.com/ouryouth and show our youth that you care!

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happy parent
you guys are amazing

shabbos day minyan is the most friendly relaxed atmosphere around! .

My son tells us he is greeted and respected by you Reb Moishe, your crew, and always says the many other balabatim who daven by you too. Seems it's contagious and always comes back happy he went to shul.!!

(2/14/2018 11:29:05 AM)
WE need more peole like YOU dedicated to the future of our Shechuna. Rabbi Moshe Feiglin has saved so many of OUR kids!
(2/14/2018 1:21:04 PM)
Keep up your great work!
It's amazing to see that alumni of Aliya have been so successfully reached out to, that they are reaching out to others who are falling through the cracks of our system. kol hakavod to all involved!!
(2/14/2018 3:58:52 PM)
how can we get involved in the girls program. Are they doing a campaign too?
(2/14/2018 7:46:13 PM)
Moishe Feiglin
The fellow is one of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim - He has saved more lives in the last decade single-handedly than anyone I know - If there is one Tzedaka you can truly believe in - This IS it!
(2/14/2018 8:58:44 PM)
keep up the great work
thank you for this special place in CH
(2/17/2018 10:43:49 PM)
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