Jan 12, 2018
New Facts About 'Lubavitch Riots'

Perspectives magazine shares unknown information about the riots that shook the Russian town of Lubavitch in the winter of 1906.

A new issue of Perspectives magazine shares previously unknown information about the riots that shook the town of Lubavitch in the winter of 5666 (1906).

“Let this be notice,” said the guests, “that from now on, we will be dealing with you on our terms, and in accordance with the way we see things.” At that point, two of them revealed that they were armed with pistols.

“Get out of here!” the director replied, “I’m not afraid of you, or your guns. And let me notify you now, so that it’s clear, that Davzik is now erased from the students’ register. As for this threat you’re leveling against me – you didn’t bring me into existence, and you won’t take me out of it; G-d runs the world. Now get out!”

5666 was a momentous year in Lubavitch history. It was during that year the Rebbe launched his famous series of maamarim, known as Hemshech Samech Vav. It was also during that year that a band of local Zionist youth attacked the Tomchei Temimim yeshiva, and threatened the life of its director, the Frierdiker Rebbe.

The Davzik Affair was a major happening in the life of the yeshiva in Lubavitch. Maskilic writers attacked the institution and its holy directors, calling them “dark” and “fanatic” for not exposing the bochurim them to “broader values.” When one bochur was removed from the institution for ill behavior, young Jewish locals stormed the yeshiva campus with ammunition demanding that he be allowed to remain.

An account of this story was recorded by R' Moshe Rosenblum, a liaison for Tomchei Temimim, and is for the first time presented in English in the newest issue of Perspectives magazine.

Besides the original account, the editors collected scattered materials about the incident, from letters of the Rebbeim and newspaper articles. Together, they complete the image of a yeshiva that stood firm in its values, yet cared for each student.

Download Perspectives Issue 20 or request a printed copy by mail at chassidicdigest.com.

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I never heard of this chapter in Lubavitch history.
Thanks for posting.
(1/13/2018 8:39:53 PM)
I got it to my door
Very interesting and relevant. Thank you Merkaz Anash.
(1/13/2018 9:51:46 PM)
Newspaper article is not clear
Can you post a better picture of it?
(1/13/2018 9:52:22 PM)
Chabad vs Zionism
This sheds new light on Chabad’s resistance and opposition to the secular Zionist agenda and its goal of replacing yiddishkeit with secular philosophy. Moreover it makes Chabad’s current position on Eretz Yisroel so much more awesome.
(1/13/2018 10:57:43 PM)
What was the final settlement? It does not say in the printed story?
(1/14/2018 2:46:54 PM)
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