Sep 13, 2017
Broward Chabad Feeds Thousands

Shluchim and volunteers at Chabad of SW Broward in Florida have been assisting elderly residents who are without power or homebound after Hurricane Irma.

Chabad Shluchim throughout Florida have banded together to help coordinate relief efforts to help the vast number of residents who are without power or are homebound in the wake of the destructive Hurricane Irma.

Since Monday morning, over 85 Chabad Centers across the state of Florida have opened their doors and kitchens to the thousands left without power, providing delicious freshly cooked meals at no charge while offering a welcoming, friendly and cool place of relief.

In SW Broward, Head Shluchim Rabbi Pinny and Gitty Andrusier and other local Shluchim coordinated volunteer efforts to prepare, pack and deliver meals to the elderly and homebound.

"Since 90% of the 25,000 residents in our area are still without power, over 100 volunteers packed chicken dinners at the Young Israel Chabad of Century Village, delivered to seniors and other residents of 120 buildings in the village," said Shliach Rabbi Shimon Andrusier.

Many elderly residents who have no power and cannot get out are in need of help. In response, a number of Chabad Shluchim throughout south Florida have delivered meals directly to their homes.

We were told that we have to throw out our food after 48 hours, so we have no food after tonight," said Isaac Kreiser, a 92 year old Holocaust survivor, of Century Village in Pembroke Pines. Kreiser happily accepted a home delivered sandwich. Since I had no electricity I couldnt make anything, he said.

Chabad has also been using their 187 centers across the state of Florida as an invaluable resource to create a system of communication and be helpful to people who are out of town and cant reach a family member. They call the local Chabad who then send someone to check on them. Since Sunday night Chabad has fielded several hundred calls.

For details on Chabad of Floridas relief efforts and for locations where tonights meals will be served, as well as to contact your local Chabad Center visit

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BS"D amazing no words to describe the Rebbe's Schluchim.K'Siva v' Chasima Tova L'Shana Tova u' Masuka to you and your Mishpacha.
(9/13/2017 9:18:27 AM)
Wow, awesome!
and a K'siva V'Chasima Tova L'Shana Tova U'mesuka, !
(9/13/2017 12:54:23 PM)
Is there a site or way
to donate specifically to Chabad of SW Broward? Yasher Choach, fantastic works!!
(9/13/2017 2:04:03 PM)

Thank you
(9/13/2017 2:31:54 PM)
Awesome work from all the andrusiers...From Rabbi Pinny to Rabbi Shimon and Rabbi Mordy...Keep up the fantastic shlichus you guys do.
(9/13/2017 4:25:50 PM)
such nice people
all the brachos
(9/13/2017 5:52:48 PM)
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