Sep 12, 2017
Israeli Students Tour New York
Photos: Shimi Kutner

100 college students have begun a tour in the US with a trip to New York, visiting Crown Heights and the Rebbe's Ohel in Queens.

100 college students from throughout Israel devoted hours to learning Chassidus throughout the past year in preparation for a trip to the Rebbe.

The trip began last week with a tour of 770. The highlight was an emotional prayer in the Rebbe's room. They then traveled to the Ohel where Rabbi Y.Y. Jacobson electrified them with his powerful words of Torah.

The students than enjoyed special programming in Manhattan and an inspiring Farbrengen with one of the local shluchim.

The male students spent Shabbos at the Ohel in Queens, where they enjoyed shiurim and Farbrengens with Rabbi Asi Shpiegel, a special guest speaker. The female students were hosted in Crown Heights where their tailor-made programming included Shaboss dinner with Rabbi and Mrs. Teichtel and a visit to the Rebbe and Rebbetzin's home on Shabbos afternoon.

The trip, produced by Fleishman Peles, is ongoing with more updates to come.

Photos: Shimi Kutner

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