Aug 9, 2017
'Bar Mitzvah' for Cape Town Center

South Africa's Blouberg Jewish community on Cape Town's West Coast is celebrating its Bar Mitzvah year since being founded by Rabbi Oshy and Zeesy Deren.

South Africa's Blouberg Jewish community on Cape Town's West Coast is celebrating its Bar Mitzvah year since Rabbi Oshy and Zeesy Deren established the Chabad of the West Coast after their first arrived there for the High Holidays of 2004.

"Blouberg's Bar Mitzvah" is being celebrated with a massive online matching campaign to support the ongoing activities of the Chabad House as well as a major renovation to the existing facility.

The "I Can Be Stronger" music video which they produced to the Shwekey hit song, captures some of the special moments at the Sinai Academy Jewish International School but the activities at The Shul and Chabad of the West Coast go far beyond that.

From the Daily Minyanim and Torah Classes, to the many events including a Menorah in the Mall lighting with the Israel ambassador, Purim in the Circus, a Torah Writing and many more regular and periodical moments of Jewish life and Pride.

Together with Shluchim Rabbi Avi and Chanee Shlomo, the community is developing in to a new centre of Jewish life and the "Sinai Campaign 2017" online matching campaign is raising funds for the Sinai Bureau Fund for Jewish children who can't afford tuition as well as the much needed school upgrade.

Visit to make your contribution before 2 pm NY time on August 10.

The South African rand is 13 to the US dollar so your donation will go a far way, and will be matched x 4. Thank you for joining!

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Opinions and Comments
Nice to see the Shlomos!
Thank you Rabbi Avi and Chanee for everything you you do for Cape Town!
(8/10/2017 2:41:51 AM)
Very proud!
Two of the most incredible shluchim!!!!!
Zissy and Oshi transformed the entire area with their true Chabad spirit!!!
What a lucky community!
(8/10/2017 6:43:22 AM)
A miracle
Watching the amazing growth of a new community is a blessing. Thanks to the Deren's and Shlomo's Blouberg is blessed. New school, shul and unbelievable programs for children. May you go from strength to strength
(8/10/2017 3:00:34 PM)
Brazilian friends from pessach
Rabbi oshi you doing an amazing job and a lot of naches to the Rebbe!! Continue like this!!
(8/10/2017 3:28:14 PM)
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