Live: Women’s Gimmel Tammuz Event Near the Ohel

Live at 8:00 PM ET: A women's farbrengen will take place near the Ohel with Shluchos Shani Katzman, Manya Lazaroff, and Nechama Slonim, and learning a letter of the Rebbe with Rabbi Shais Taub. Live

In connection with Gimmel Tammuz and the ‘Your Personal Connection’ program, Or Vechom and Soul Words is pleased to invite you to partake in a women’s Farbrengen near the Rebbe’s Ohel.

The event will take place on Thursday, Alef Tammuz | June 30.

8:00 – Farbrengen with Shani Katzman, Omaha, NE, Manya Lazaroff, College Station, TX, Nechama Slonim, Houston, TX

9:30 – class on the final letter of the Rebbe delivered by Rabbi Shais Taub

Group to enter the Ohel following the class (prepare your pan in advance)

Refreshments will be served.

In Person by RSVP only
(the Farbrengen will be broadcast live)

Buses will be leaving to the Ohel:
Thursday, 1 Tammuz
5:30 AM – 10 PM
Every half hour



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