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Wednesday, 16 Sivan, 5779
  |  June 19, 2019

    The K-Factor With Mendel Duchman

    The K-Factor podcast: Businessman Mendel Duchman on selling benefits not features, understanding retail and your market. Audio

    Kallah Asks ‘Please Read My Story’

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    Why Keep New Pesach Chumros?

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    thank you for posting
    thank you for posting

    This is so inspirational….
    his message and advice is incredible….
    his passion is contagious….

    Rebbe at Darchay Menachem
    Rebbe at Darchay Menachem

    R’Mendel just spoke to our Talmiddim.
    and captured their Attention on what it takes for a Chosid to go out into the world and has the responsibility of making a kidush hashem. very well received.

    A classmate
    A classmate

    Just a shot of fresh air – both Bruchniyois and Bgashmiyois
    MD – may u continue for many years mit gezunt
    And Parnasa-
    …took a lot of lessons from this recording
    Thank u Rabbi Werde and collive …
    For doing this peula.