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Saturday, 17 Tammuz, 5779
  |  July 20, 2019

    The Bouquet at Piamenta’s Grave

    A mysterious bouquet of flowers was placed on the grave of Yehuda Piamenta, who was posthumously revealed as a senior Shabak official. Full Story

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    how humbling to know these men walk among us who quietly give their lives to protect ours. Avi n Yossi, I don’t know what you knew and when you knew it, bu tto think the pain of losing a father is now so mixed with something so mysterious and yet familiar. Hashem should bless you in this trying time. The nation which dwells alone mourns with you, The L-rd in whose tefillen it says ‘who is like your nation, Israel’ watches over you, May his Moshaich comfort you.

    Big Kiddush Hashem
    Big Kiddush Hashem

    Big Kiddush Hashem. May his merit be a blessing for all.

    Nichum Availim
    Nichum Availim

    To remember and give a memento for such a hidden and special person is appropriate, and praiseworthy, but flowers……………? this is not the Jewish way, perhaps giving tzedokah to one of the causes that the deceased held dear would have been more in keeping with Jewish tradition.

    The family should be comforted in their loss and take comfort in who their father was.

    MoshiachNow when we will all be reunited with the Rebbe, Rebbetzin and all our loved ones.