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Thursday, 21 Av, 5779
  |  August 22, 2019
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    Sukkos Placed in Prime NYC Spots

    Thousands of Jews visited the Sukkahs placed by Chabad near the UN, Foley Square, Macy's, Broadway and Wall Street. Full Story

    Guests Depart from Crown Heights

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    Yes in front of the UN
    Yes in front of the UN

    B”H there is a Sukkah facing the UN, this shows the strength of the Jewish ppl over evil, the hate & power they think they have over E”H (Eretz HaKodesh) to do everything they can to destroy it & bring it down will never prevail, & erecting a Sukkah the only mitzvah in the Torah that the whole being of a person is encompassed in a mitzvah, right opposite the biggest Tumah & Sitrah Achrah in the world is the biggest Shtech & burn out to them, it shows these UN Losers will never win, we have G-d on our… Read more »

    the power of the Lulav & Sukkah
    the power of the Lulav & Sukkah

    with the amazing Koach of shaking the Lulav in all 4 directions which it explains is to subdue the wins & other reasons the amazing power of shaking the Lulav & Esrog in the sukkah right in front of the UN ys (yimach shmo) will for suer overcome the Sitrah Achra & all other unwanted things, as #1 said the UN represents the opposite of Kedusha & Godlyness so the power of the Sukkah with Lulav & Esrog will for sure overcome the darkness & Tumah of the UN