At the conclusion of Shiva for Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky OBM, the family has shared his parting letter to Shluchim and has announced a new fund for Shluchim and welcome center planned for Crown Heights. Full Story

New York City Mayor Eric Adams visited the Nova music festival exhibit in New York City commemorating the horrific October 7th attacks, in response to antisemitic protests outside it on Monday. Full Story, Photos, Video

Kingston Avenue in Crown Heights was bustling on Erev Shavuos with residents and guests busily preparing for the Yom Tov. Photos

Watch a Replay: A Pre-Shavuos program for children with Rabbi YY Jacobson, including a Q&A, Science, Stories, Davening, and Learning. Video

A new Torah will be dedicated on Sunday in Crown Heights in honor of Reb Tzvi Moshe Lasker obm. Full Story

Children enjoyed a family fun carnival organized by the students of Chabad Girls Academy in Crown Heights. Photos

COLlive presents a guest Erev Shavuos gallery by photographer Sara Heiney: the sights and scenes of preparations on Erev Shavuos in the holy city of Jerusalem. Photos

Illuminations #126, a weekly publication by and Rabbi Yaakov and Chanie Zucker share stories and moments of Shlichus at Chabad of the Florida Keys, Key West, FL. Full Story

Mrs. May (Chana Mayta) Tessler (nee Levy), mother of Mrs. Malca Bayzman of Crown Heights, passed away on Monday, 4 Sivan, 5784. Full Story

Crown Heights Shmira and the NYPD's detective squad is currently looking for and seeking information on a perpetrator that is believed to be connected to multiple burglaries that occurred within the past week. Full Story

One month before Gimmel Tammuz, Beis Midrash L’Shluchim at Merkos 302 invites all to join and boost their hiskashrus to The Rebbe with an in-depth learning program focusing on the topic of a Raya Mehemna. Take part in shiurim and a tailored curriculum to approach this auspicious day with reverence. Full Story

Over 300 members of the global Maseches Sota Shiur given daily by Rabbi Shloimy Greenwald have completed the entire Mesechta during this Sefira. Full Story

A two-day seminar for new and aspiring Shluchos will take place in Crown Heights on 4 – 5 Tammuz / July 10 -11. Organized by the New Shluchim Desk at Merkos 302, the summit will feature a wide range of speakers will address a variety of topics to help prepare for this bold life mission. Full Story

The newest issue of the EmBRace magazine, published by Bais Rivkah, is headed toward mailboxes. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside issue #16. Full Story, Download

The L'Chaim of Menachem Gansburg of Crown Heights and Naomi Rosenberg of Monsey, NY took place at Rubashkin's in Crown Heights. Photos

Watch: 2 classes for Shavuos, in English and Hebrew, by Rabbi YY Jacobson. Likkutei Sichos Shavuos: How Royalty Thinks -- Why the Baal Shem Tov Is Healing Our Generation's Trauma. Full Story