A boy who was having trouble at school started making positive changes thanks to "the Gymies effect" says a mother about the Gymies' facility, now located at 706 Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights. Owner Sarah Benarroch created a special playing day for children with special needs as well. Full Story, Photos

From the Gegent: Lannie Althaus has always had a knack for putting outfits together and was a go-to girl for fashion tips. Now she's going professional with Lana's, her brand-new clothing shop on President Street in Crown Heights. She's offering tznius casual outfits, dressy gowns, and Yom Tov wear. Full Story, Photos

From the Gegent: Entrepreneur Rochie Sufrin turned her love of socks and accessories into the popular shop Little Toes, a boutique in Crown Heights selling socks, tights and hair and other accessories to adults and children. They will be reopening their newly renovated 2-floor location on Kingston Avenue this Sunday. Full Story, Photos

From the Gegent: Certified fitness instructor Chani Teitelbaum (nee Berns) founded Boxe Studios in Crown Heights, a women-only fitness center, where phones are shut and participants of personal training sessions are able to find time for themselves and their health. Full Story, Photos

Michael Kops and his team of designers at the showroom of Plumber’s Haven in Crown Heights are helping clients to outfit both bathrooms and kitchens of all styles and decors. Full Story, Photos

Brazil-born Chana Berger began drawing sketches of gowns at the tender age of 6 with the support of her grandmother. She now combined her design and teaching skills to create Needle and Stitch Sewing Boutique in Crown Heights. Full Story, Photos

During the Covid lockdown, Crown Heights resident Levi Liberow analyzed the contents of his fridge and was shocked to discover the price he was paying for fruits and vegetables, so he launched a new service. Full Story

CHYE and COLlive present the Crown Heights Shop Local initiative: Fashion, jewelry, clothing, security systems, personal guidance, piano lessons and laundry pick-up offering you special (and even free) deals to use their services. Full Story

Watch: Crown Heights resident Boruch Tzfasman, a self-taught woodworker, has created a one-of-a-kind portable woodworking shop as his latest creative project. One of his creations: a beautiful wooden Pushka to fulfill a directive of the Rebbe. Full Story, Video

From the Gegent: As a child growing up on Shlichus in Hong Kong, Chiena Avtzon designed her own clothing, but she never dreamed it would lead to a beautiful full-fledged children's clothing store in Crown Heights. Full Story, Photos

From the Gegent: Naftoli Leider, owner of the new Troy Organic Cleaners in Crown Heights, commits himself to staying away from harmful cleaning chemicals and offers "best tailoring operation." Full Story, Photos

From the Gegent: As a bochur, Levi Aronov gave haircuts to classmates in Yeshiva. Today, it's his livelihood and a full-time job at his new barbershop in Crown Heights. Full Story, Photos

From the Gegent: The 24-hour kosher coffee shop in Crown Heights, Chocolatte, has recently expanded its menu. Full Story, Photos

From the Gegent: Shlomie Rotter and Mendy Sacho have opened a three-floor shop, offering high-end clothing to men and boys. Full Story, Photos

From the Gegent: Powered by new machines and staff, Shmuel Spielman is in midst of his 23rd Pesach season in Crown Heights. Full Story

From the Gegent: In her travels as a musician, Rivkah Krinsky created and managed a holistic healthy lifestyle for herself, and is teaching it to others. Full Story, Photos, Video

From the Gegent: Crown Heights residents Devora Wilmowsky and Chana Seligson run the Gown Gmach, and it's all you need for a wedding gown. Full Story, Photos

From the Gegent: Mushky Rosenfeld overcame a life-threatening eating disorder and now loves helping frum women find trendy and Tznius fashion. Full Story, Photos

From the Gegent: Mendy Boaron of Master Lighting Productions explains how uplights, "gobos" and a particular color can spruce up events and simcha. Full Story, Photos

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and NYC Council Majority Leader Laurie Cumbo proclaimed "COLlive Day" as thousands celebrated its 10th anniversary. Full Story, Photos, Video

At last: Decades after serving Lubavitchers with black fedoras, the Italian hat maker is opening its first branch on Kingston Avenue. Full Story, Photos

From the Gegent: JJ Katz advises new real estate brokers in Brooklyn, but says there's nothing like experience to get the job done right. Full Story, Photos

From the Gegent: Despite Mama Kitchen's recent expansion, chef Shira Asas keeps it personal, homemade and even unexpected. Full Story, Photos

Watch the first Gegent Eats restaurant review: Eliau Piha and his wife Nechama check what's new at the 10-year-old Basil Pizza & Wine Bar. Video

From the Gegent: Chanie Loschak didn't go to fashion school, but followed her mother's lead and sells children's clothing around the world. Full Story, Photos