Pilates instructor Dorit Srugo explains the benefits of Pilates, a series of exercises designed to promote mobility and strength in all major muscle groups while emphasizing core stability. Full Story

Atica, known for its brand of non-iron, luxury dress shirts, renovated its Crown Heights store into a stunning showroom featuring an expanded line of high-end canvased suits, kapotas, ties, shoes and accessories. They're currently offering a 20% discount. Full Story

Needle and Lace Wig Salon, owned by Shaina Serebryanski, moved into its new and beautiful storefront on Empire Boulevard and Brooklyn Avenue in Crown Heights in time for the Kinus Hashluchos. Full Story, Photos

From the Gegent: A young boy insisting that his Bar Mitzvah be catered by Mendy’s @ JCM restaurant in Crown Heights has led by Nati Abukasis to create an affordable package for an elegant evening. Full Story, Photos

Sandler Studios, a new Dance Studio which has opened in Crown Heights, offers programs for young girls and women, providing them with an outlet for creative expression and promoting physical fitness. Full Story

From the Gegent: With the lease up on its original location in Crown Heights, Brooklyn Artisan Bakehouse recently relocated to a new and improved space on Empire Blvd. with a second-floor hall and a new dinner menu. Full Story, Photos

From the Gegent: Peretz Gorowitz has taken Baguette Express at S. Johns and Kingston Avenue in Crown Heights and turned it into Pita Pina, offering delicious shwarma and more. Full Story

From the Gegent: With “Everything But the Baby” being filled to capacity, owner Chaya Pruss opened “Everything Home,” a store on Empire Blvd in Crown Heights selling primarily furniture. Full Story, Photos

From the people who brought you Mozzarella and CH Butcher comes a new upscale grill restaurant in Crown Heights serving steaks, burgers and kebabs. Full Story, Photos

Chanchy Schmukler's desire to fuse the worlds of beautiful fashion and Tznius has led to the creation of the Damigella clothing brand and gown rental company. Full Story

A new bagel shop has opened in Crown Heights by restaurateur Nadav Hadad, servicing an area of the neighborhood that has had few restaurant options. Full Story, Photos

With a pop of a bottle of champagne, Chaya Delevkovitz (nee Nash) brought her Boutique 25 clothing consignment store from humble beginnings in the basement of her parents' home in Crown Heights to a new showroom on Kingston Avenue. Full Story, Photos

From the Gegent: A new laser spa center for women has been opened in Crown Heights by entrepreneur Maayan Albaliya to provide high-quality beauty services in the neighborhood. Full Story

From the Gegent: If you have a common Chabad name like Mendel or Chaya, your credit report may have damaging errors. Credit Report Law Group may be able to help for free. Full Story

From the Gegent: When a woman sits down in the salon of Anat Hazan in Crown Heights, it is more than just a beautiful sheitel that she is walking out with. The author of "The Sheitel Advantage" says change can begin from the outside. Full Story

A boy who was having trouble at school started making positive changes thanks to "the Gymies effect" says a mother about the Gymies' facility, now located at 706 Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights. Owner Sarah Benarroch created a special playing day for children with special needs as well. Full Story, Photos

From the Gegent: Lannie Althaus has always had a knack for putting outfits together and was a go-to girl for fashion tips. Now she's going professional with Lana's, her brand-new clothing shop on President Street in Crown Heights. She's offering tznius casual outfits, dressy gowns, and Yom Tov wear. Full Story, Photos

From the Gegent: Entrepreneur Rochie Sufrin turned her love of socks and accessories into the popular shop Little Toes, a boutique in Crown Heights selling socks, tights and hair and other accessories to adults and children. They will be reopening their newly renovated 2-floor location on Kingston Avenue this Sunday. Full Story, Photos

From the Gegent: Certified fitness instructor Chani Teitelbaum (nee Berns) founded Boxe Studios in Crown Heights, a women-only fitness center, where phones are shut and participants of personal training sessions are able to find time for themselves and their health. Full Story, Photos

Michael Kops and his team of designers at the showroom of Plumber’s Haven in Crown Heights are helping clients to outfit both bathrooms and kitchens of all styles and decors. Full Story, Photos

Brazil-born Chana Berger began drawing sketches of gowns at the tender age of 6 with the support of her grandmother. She now combined her design and teaching skills to create Needle and Stitch Sewing Boutique in Crown Heights. Full Story, Photos

CHYE and COLlive present the Crown Heights Shop Local initiative: Fashion, jewelry, clothing, security systems, personal guidance, piano lessons and laundry pick-up offering you special (and even free) deals to use their services. Full Story

From the Gegent: As a child growing up on Shlichus in Hong Kong, Chiena Avtzon designed her own clothing, but she never dreamed it would lead to a beautiful full-fledged children's clothing store in Crown Heights. Full Story, Photos

From the Gegent: Naftoli Leider, owner of the new Troy Organic Cleaners in Crown Heights, commits himself to staying away from harmful cleaning chemicals and offers "best tailoring operation." Full Story, Photos

From the Gegent: As a bochur, Levi Aronov gave haircuts to classmates in Yeshiva. Today, it's his livelihood and a full-time job at his new barbershop in Crown Heights. Full Story, Photos