South Florida Realtors Bring it in for the Huddle

If you’re a real estate professional in South Florida, you do not want to miss “The Huddle Real Estate Summit,” an epic event for real estate professionals that will be hosted by Crown Heights Young Entrepreneurs (CHYE) featuring real estate mogul Shaya Boymelgreen and other industry experts. Full Story

By Zev Gotkin

If you’re a real estate professional in South Florida, you do not want to miss “The Huddle Real Estate Summit,” an epic event for real estate professionals that will be hosted by Crown Heights Young Entrepreneurs (CHYE) on Tuesday, December 6th (Yud-Beis Kislev) at Chabad of Aventura (South 18449 NE 28th Ct, Aventura, FL 33160).

Expected to draw hundreds of real estate professionals from Hollywood, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami Beach, The “Huddle Real Estate Summit,” is open to both men and women, and promises to be a fantastic evening that will give frum South Florida real estate professionals a unique opportunity.

“This is a unique opportunity for the attendees to hear from Shaya Boymelgreen,” said Getzy Fellig. “Shaya grew up in Israel as the son of Holocaust survivors. He came from humble beginnings. Like many of the people who will be attending this event, he received a traditional yeshiva education. And yet, through hard work, tenacity, creativity, and yes, a little bit of mazel, Boymelgreen became a hugely successful real estate developer and investor, all without a college degree.

“Moreover, he is not just your run-of-the-mill ‘real estate mogul.’ He’s a prolific trailblazer and industry leader. At over 70 years of age, he continues to make an impact on the real estate industry by throwing himself into new opportunities with gusto. [Boymelgreeen] has been involved in so many different deals and has experienced so many different real estate markets over the past 40 years that he’s literally seen it all, done it all. Whatever questions you may have or things you want to know about real estate, I guarantee Mr. Boymelgreen has an answer.”

Following the keynote address, attendees will have a chance to attend breakaway roundtable discussions organized by topic and led by an impressive lineup of seasoned real estate experts. Each roundtable will be led by a different expert who is knowledgeable in the particular topic under discussion and the floor will be open for Q&A.

The “Mentor Exchange” roundtable discussions will focus on the following topics:
1. Landing Great Listings: Joe Yossi Brikman The Modern Day Agent @ The Modern Day Team

2. Funding Secrets: Yudi Hercenberg Managing Director Walker Dunlop

3. Leveraging Assets: Chaim Cahane Forte Capital Management, LLC

4. Landing your First Investment Property: Yossi Eldkopf Investor

5. Understanding the Short-term Rental Market: Nochum Rabin CEO & CO-FOUNDER STR Brain

6. Inside the world of industrial Real Estate: Zalmy Shapiro The Brokerage

At 9 o’clock, attendees will be treated to a sumptuous sushi buffet while networking with peers, industry leaders, and industry vendors before the evening concludes.

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to speak one-on-one with top talent in every facet of the real estate industry and meet people who can offer insight on how to navigate your next steps and maximize your potential.

If you’re interested in rubbing elbow with the titans of South Florida real estate and learning tips and tricks from major power players in the industry, then register for The Huddle Real Estate Summit now!

$45 in advance | $65 at the door
Online registration closes promptly on December 5th at 11:00 pm so don’t delay.
Register here:

For vendor and sponsorship information, please email



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