Feb 8, 2010
DA Hynes Visits Crown Heights

Ahead of a Town Hall meeting in Crown Heights, Brooklyn's District Attorney Charles Hynes met with council members.

Brooklyn's District Attorney Charles Hynes visited the offices of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council this past Thursday.

He presented a report on the efforts of his office in response to the latest incidents of crime towareds Jewish residents in the Brooklyn neighboorhood.

In a meeting that was designed to introduce the new CHJCC Board members to the DA, the wide-ranging discussion covered many areas in which the community can work together with the DA's office to reduce crime.

Mr. Hynes asked for the community's support on a new measure that he would like the State to adopt whereby criminals who are repeatedly convicted of misdemeanors, such as car break-ins, and now are subject to a maximum of one year of jail, would be able to be charged with a felony after the fifth conviction.

Mr. Hynes also assured that the pair of suspects arrested in the recent string of gun attacks will be prosecuted vigorously and that his office had been instructed to try to get a long jail term on conviction.

Members of the Community Council are slated to give a more complete report on the meeting with the DA at Town Hall Meeting Wednesday, Feb. 10, at the Lubavitcher Yeshivah, Crown and Albany, starting at 7pm.

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Opinions and Comments
Thank you
Thank you for your work for the betterment of our shchuna.

Hatzlocho Rabba.

A Crown Heights resident.
(2/9/2010 3:29:05 AM)

You live up to ypur name LIVE.

Those from Crown Heights and around the globe, derive NACHAS from your reporting.
(2/9/2010 3:46:07 AM)
Kol Hacavod to the Vaad and to the DA
(2/9/2010 4:28:11 AM)
i didmt read the article.....all im seeing is a crazy awesome tie!!!!'
the tie is...legend.................dairy!
(2/9/2010 8:32:51 AM)
All I can do as a Toshav of Crown Heights, is thank this wonderfull group of people.

(2/9/2010 9:47:43 AM)
thank you
thank you very much vaad hakohol for working on improving our security
we hope to see many more such good news from the vaad
(2/9/2010 12:42:21 PM)
הקב"ה ישלם שכרם
הקב"ה ישלם שכרם

עסקנים מיושבי דעת ונקיי כפיים

יהי שכרכם כפלי כפליים
וברכת הרבי ילוה אותכם
(2/9/2010 1:33:16 PM)
Thank you to the new Vaad
for actually doing things about safety, not just talking about it.
(2/9/2010 3:08:52 PM)

Keep up your great work.

(2/10/2010 4:14:34 AM)
New Vaad rocks
Thanks to the new vaad hakohol we actually see action being done thank you & may the shchuna be a better place for us all
(2/10/2010 5:49:00 AM)
Ohh & make sure to say that Nelson should be put into jail for a long time for breaking into cars he got arrested over 25 times in Crown Heights & let out of jail a day later he is still continuing breaking into cars
(2/11/2010 8:40:59 AM)
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