Sep 25, 2009
FEMA Chief Talks Security
Photos: Yossi Percia/COLlive

A Crown Heights reception was held Wednesday for Department of Homeland Security and FEMA officials, to prepare for and prevent disaster. Many community activists attended.

A reception was hosted Wednesday for Mr. David L. Myers, Director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives from Washington DC, Nancy Turnbull of FEMA - New York, and Mr. Ken Curtin - voluntary Agency Liaison FEMA Region II, to introduce them to the needs of the Chasidic communities, and assist the federal government in planning in the event of a disaster.

The reception, which took place at the Crown Heights Community Council, was chaired by Rabbi Eli Cohen, Executive Director of the CHJCC.

Some of the vital issues that were discussed at the event were for an introspection of the Chassidic Community at large, and the specific needs of each group’s concern regarding security and immigration.

In attendance were Crown Heights community representatives Rabbi Eli Slavin, Community Liaison for Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke of the 11th District, NY, and Board Members of the CHJCC - Rabbi Chanina Sperlin, Mr. Zev Cadaner, and Eli Poltorak, Esq.

Representing other communities were Rabbi Joseph Hershkowitz, of Satmar of Brooklyn and Monroe, Rabbi Issac Abraham, Chassidic Community Activist of Williamsburg, Rabbi Shlomo Toron, UCS of Brooklyn, Rabbi Gary Guttman of Bobov, and Rabbi Yosef Savoy of East New York and Harlem.

Senator Eric L. Adams, Chairman of Homeland Security of New York, stopped in to welcome the guests, and spoke highly of the Chassidic Communities.

The reception was coordinated by Rabbi Menachem M. Shagalov of

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good food!
(9/25/2009 7:42:39 AM)
Thank you
Thank you to all and anyone that is

(9/25/2009 9:14:06 AM)
Go for it!
That's a huge Kiddush HaShem, Yasher Koach. Rabbi Shagalov, you are a true friend of so many Kehilas, and you some how brought them all together... Super job.
(9/25/2009 9:17:09 AM)
what a shame not one persoan representing the people of crown heights or bais shmuel
(9/25/2009 10:54:56 AM)
hats is for mincha, not for a fromal meeting. also please dont use the title rabbi freely. i think instead of rabbi print R. for example R.chanina sperlin.
(9/25/2009 11:33:33 AM)
Yosef looking good! see you tonight :)
(9/25/2009 11:49:48 AM)
It is nice to see that at least one person (#4) has something bad to say about a positive event. It is also nice to see that they formally acknowledge the fact that the members of bais shmuel act and think of themselves as a separate entity from crown heights "regular" jews.
It answer to him complaint: we have a community council that has been elected to represent the needs of the entire community. (even the members of bais shmuel). It would turn into a circus if every shul had a representative their. This meeting seemingly was held in crown heights but was for members of other communities as well. We have elected community council members to represent us in such a situation. This is a democratic republic just like the Rebbe wants.
Finally they are doing something on behalf of the community and not just taking advantage of photo-ops like previous vaad's.
Hopefully this is the begining of many good things to come from this newly elected community council.
(9/25/2009 2:44:51 PM)
Who is
In the article it says Rabbi Shagalov is from, is that an organization?

(9/25/2009 7:27:06 PM)
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