Mar 14, 2019
Therapist Writes Book on Mikvah

Marriage and family therapist Miriam Yerushalmi wrote a new book that is a comprehensive journey about the importance of Mikvah.

By COLlive reporter

Noted marriage and family therapist Miriam Yerushalmi, who founded the social services organization SANE and counsels for the trailblazing women's mental health organization SPARKS, adds an important new title to her bookshelf.

In "Heavenly Waters: Mikvah Messages for Our Daily Lives," Yerushalmi takes readers on a comprehensive journey through Mikvah preparation and observance.

Explaining that each physical act can be used as an opportunity for self-reflection and growth in a woman's relationship with her spouse and with Hashem, Yerushalmi clarifies the halacha behind each step of the Mikvah process as it applies to mind, body, and soul.

Following these explanations, Yerushalmi presents meditations and insights on the Mikvah experience that can help us open our heart to receive and give the love we deserve in marriage.

The all-encompassing Mikvah experience elevates our thoughts, speech, and actions. Inspirational true stories about the positive effects and benefits of Mikvah observance convey to the reader just how precious is this opportunity for blessing with which women are entrusted each month.

The publication is in keeping with the Rebbe's comments that there is a crying need to bring [these laws and practices] to the attention … of the widest possible Jewish circles. There can be no danger of overemphasizing these vital aspects of Jewish life, nor of over publishing on these subjects. Every additional volume—as the present one—is to be heartily welcomed, and those who share in this effort should be warmly congratulated.

The lessons in Heavenly Waters were originally disseminated in Yerushalmi's weekly classes. So many of her students who have heard her speak on this topic wanted the information in a more permanent form that she was motivated to adapt it into a book. It is now available in a clearly written and elegantly designed format that will please the eye as well as the mind and heart.

"The beautiful new volume was just published by the JGU Press, (Jewish Girls Unite) directed by Nechama Laber, designed by Leah Caras and a team of editors, and should indeed be warmly congratulated for their participation in this work of spiritual and emotional art," says Yerushalmi.

Yerushalmi's new self-help series currently comprises three titles: Reaching New Heights Through Prayer and Meditation, Reaching New Heights Through Kindness in Marriage, and Reaching New Heights Through Inner Peace, Health, and Happiness.

The book is sold on and at Jewish book stores.

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Opinions and Comments
Miriam is AMAZING! I am sure this book will be a great success. All her books are brilliant. Continued Hatzlacha!
(3/14/2019 8:28:47 PM)
Thank u Shoshana!

Whoever would like to order at cost price with minimal donation to my non -profit tax deductible org SANE - contact
Looking forward for this Laber of love to reach every home and Mikvah!
Blessings to you all for an amazing double Adar double Simcha this Purim !
(3/15/2019 1:36:37 PM)
BH also wanted to announce NEW Children BOOKS
Bh Bh I would like to announce here that since my first 3 Children books publications we have 7 new titles and all of them translated to YIDDISH and three are translated into HEBREW as well.

Including feivel the falafel ball sequel !
Check out the links

(3/17/2019 10:56:36 AM)
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