Mar 13, 2019
Package Thief Caught on Camera

A thief is wanted for walking off with 2 packages from a Crown Street home in Crown Heights on Friday afternoon.

A thief was caught on camera walking off with 2 packages from a home's front door in Crown Heights in broad daylight on Friday.

On security footage from the home's front porch, the thief can be seen walking up to the home and sitting on the steps for a few moments, calmly using his cell phone. He is then seen walking up to the front door and taking two packages from the step and walking off.

Shmira Volunteer patrol has notified that this man is wanted for stealing packages in the neighborhood.

Anyone with information should call Shmira at 718-221-0303.

COLlive reached out to Detective Vinny Martinos of the 71st Precinct in Crown Heights last April, about the troubling trend seen more and more often in the neighborhood.

"This is the number one crime we are dealing with now," Martinos told COLlive. "We keep identifying and catching these guys and locking them up, but most criminals are opportunists. If they see a package and no one is around, they will strike," he said.

"The problem is that people don't always follow up to prosecute, since the companies pay back the customer, and they don't lose out, so they don't follow up with pressing charges. And the big companies don't really care so much about it.

"We recommend that you contact the police and press charges if you are a victim of theft, because if you don't, it's like it never happened," he said.

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Opinions and Comments
I have an idea
Someone should hide behind a bush and when someone comes catch him and lock🔐 him up
(3/13/2019 5:27:41 PM)
He isn't the only one
There are other creeps taking packages off.porches, walking around, going through alleys and looking at basement windows.
Be careful!
(3/13/2019 6:27:35 PM)
To #1
So you are suggesting that we should have people hiding in bushes 24/7?
(3/13/2019 7:20:24 PM)
Number 1
Sorry to break it to you I doubt your idea will not work as people do not have the time to sit there and wait for someone to steal there package...... just my thought
(3/13/2019 9:13:36 PM)
We should do this!
Years ago, my sister put a diaper in a baby gift bag and left it on the porch to throw away. Someone stole it!
That was a long time ago but with these things happening, we should do it on purpose.
Put dirty diapers in Amazon boxes, taped up and let them get what they deserve!!
Maybe they'll decide it's not worth it!!
(3/13/2019 10:08:23 PM)
With all the crime in CH, I am happy to see that the CH taxpayer's dollars are busy at work cleaning up the neighborhood.
(excuse my mistake...I meant Chelm, not CH)
Please, CH politicians who are always dressed-up and available for publicity and photo opps, your constituents are being beaten, robbed and terrorized!
(3/14/2019 7:05:19 AM)
Hey it's not the worst thing happening in crown heights the attackers are worse by far!
(3/14/2019 7:43:08 AM)
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