Mar 12, 2019
Violent Attacker Arrested Again

The same man wanted for kicking a baby carriage in Crown Heights was arrested 2 months ago for violently shoving Jewish people.

By COLlive reporter

The New York Police Department notified that it has in its custody the man who kicked a baby carriage with 2 children in it on Monday in Crown Heights.

Surveillance footage from the scene at Empire near Brooklyn Avenue showed the man walking up to the stroller being pushed by a young Jewish mother and angrily kicking it aside.

A witness followed the man to his home on Kingston Avenue.

Later, the same man violently pushed two teenaged girls as they walked on Kingston Avenue near Empire Boulevard in Crown Heights on Monday night.

Police on patrol at around midnight saw a man matching the victim's description, and placed him under arrest.

Detectives say the man from both of Monday's incidents are the same attacker who was previously arrested on January 28 for violently shoving innocent Jewish people in Brooklyn's Crown Heights neighborhood.

In January, the attacker was arrested after being seen in surveillance footage terrorizing and violently attacking Jewish locals.

Another video was taken by a witness who followed the man as he punched people while walking up and down Kingston Avenue.

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🎥 SHOCKING: Cellphone footage captured the moment a man shoves a Jewish man walking on Kingston Avenue. . . The person behind the camera caught the incident on video while following the perpetrator after witnessing him attack Jewish women and causing a commotion just minutes earlier. . . It is unclear if this attacker is the same man who pushed a Jewish young woman on Friday. . The woman was walking on Kingston Avenue near Lincoln Place at approximately 1:00 pm, when a black man came towards her and punched her in the arm. . . This attack is the latest in a string of recent incidents including a mugging at knifepoint, a Jewish man punched and thrown to the ground and a man punched in the chest.

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Opinions and Comments
Lock him up
Why is he still on the streets???
(3/12/2019 11:26:27 AM)
This is crazy
what was he doing back on our streets??
he is violent and quite obviously mentally ill!
what is going on here??
(3/12/2019 11:28:18 AM)
What's the point?
He should have been in jail for multiple assaults. What's the point of arresting and then letting them go? It just shows them how free they are to go on and commit more crimes without consequence.
(3/12/2019 11:29:24 AM)
The system is broken!
The police work very hard to find and arrest these violent individuals, and are almost immediately released back to the streets! What is being done about this? Are we waiting for G-d forbid someone to get really hurt or ch"v worse?
(3/12/2019 11:29:57 AM)
This animal should be locked up in the bronx zoo . Why is he roaming the streets ??
(3/12/2019 11:31:30 AM)
To #2
Mental illness does not excuse antisemitism. Not all mentally ill are dangerous or antisemitic, nor are all antisemites mentally ill. Implying the possibility is explaining the problem away, avoiding the issue.
(3/12/2019 11:33:14 AM)
Here we go again
Here we go again, and in a day is going to be out doing it again. I hope the activists and representatives will step up for our community.
(3/12/2019 11:46:52 AM)
The DA will let him go
Jewish blood is cheap for him, thanks to our non voting.
(3/12/2019 11:59:49 AM)
Not voting causes Eric Gonzalez to let them go
The DA doesn't care about Jewish victims.
(3/12/2019 12:09:27 PM)
What a joke
You guys are gonna let this happen? I don't understand you people who live in crown heights. How are you gonna let this happen. I was wondering how people are constantly getting attacked in CH. Well if they keep letting the guy go then obviously it's gonna keep happening. Wow CH what a joke
(3/12/2019 1:04:53 PM)
Thank YOU non-voters
Not voting = you don't care.
You don't care = elected officials also not caring.
(3/12/2019 1:09:26 PM)
If they let him go again
You now know where he lives. You need to get a bunch of guys. Bust into his house in middle of the night break his legs enough that he can't ever walk again to attack innocent women & children. It's quite simple actually. I'm am 100% serious. How dare the police let him go. And how dare you all let it happen
(3/12/2019 1:13:35 PM)
my opinion
with all due respect ,blame it on the mayor.go checkout how much money has been wasted between him and his wife's program for the mental cases.
I'm glad i didn't vote for him.
(3/12/2019 1:19:43 PM)
Is this also the same thug who violently brutalized a Jewish
male tenant in the lobby of the 701 Empire Blvd. apartment building a some months ago too?? Whatever else he might be he’s also definitely anti-Semitic because he’s only out to get Jews.
(3/12/2019 1:22:27 PM)
Non voters: don't complain
It's your fault.
(3/12/2019 2:22:29 PM)
If it was the other way.....
Even though it never happened, and never will happen, but just imagine for a moment: if a Jew would deliberately kick a stroller with a baby inside wheeled by a black woman, this would be the headlines in all the media, and discussed in Congress etc, and condemnations would be coming from all over!!!
And if this same Jew would be pushing and hitting black people in the streets, you wouldn't hear the end of it, rightfully so.
Where is the outcry from the "Jewish establishment", why is not a word heard from any elected officials, where is the media who tries to protect "justice" in America when blacks are targeted by anyone even verbally?!?!
(3/12/2019 2:33:25 PM)
it seems that our safety has been compromised by a lack of respect for all people, and as well, by a lack of profesionalism.....its more about having a job, than being idealistic........
(3/12/2019 3:18:44 PM)
fight back!
When will the people of crown heights start taking self defense seriously?
If we had just a few people that really cared and will hit back if they or anyone around them were attacked things would look much better very quickly
(3/12/2019 3:38:43 PM)
eric gonzalez
eric gonzalez just doesn't care for us, he doesn't even have 1 frum staffer he would never allow someone that attacked an illegal Mexican to go free.
(3/12/2019 3:58:03 PM)
Mentally ill targets only Jewish people? Lock him up
In closed mental jail facility where he belongs to ....
Specially now spring time all meshugas are back to the streets
(3/12/2019 4:49:34 PM)
Get him off the streets.
(3/12/2019 5:01:54 PM)
To # 20
He’s not so mentally off that he doesn’t know what he’s doing in distinguishing between a Jew and a non-Jew when he’s on the prowl for an attack!
(3/12/2019 5:14:26 PM)
Self defense is important BUT
Lock up the attackers
(3/12/2019 7:01:33 PM)
Why arn't people keeping to the right?
Not that one should get violent, but it seems that people need to keep to the right.

Who is respected? He who respects creations.
Ethics of our fathers.
(3/12/2019 8:31:11 PM)
Learn from other communities
Why BLM and other minorities are getting attention, they are mobilizing and being vocal, they are uniting.

It's time for ALL Brooklyn Jews regardless of sect to come together and protest, get media attention and help anti semites see that you are not going to take it anymore. Rise up!
(3/12/2019 10:05:06 PM)
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