Feb 24, 2019
Buses Arranged for Soul II Soul

Buses have been arranged from Crown Heights to the Master Theater in Brighton Beach for tonight's Soul II Soul concert. Valet parking will also be available.

The highly anticipated Soul to Soul show will take place Sunday, starring the popular 8th Day Band, along with the reunion of the smash hit group "Oif Simchas" and Yishai Lapidot.

Doors will open at 6 pm, and the show will start at 7 pm.

For your convenience, organizers are offering buses from Crown Heights to and from the show which will take place at the Master Theater in Brooklyn.

Buses will lave at 5:45 pm from Kingston and Montgomery.
Suggested donation $5

For those who wish to drive, free municipal parking is available a few minutes walk from the theater, at 3162 Brighton 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11235.

Valet parking at the theater will also be available for $10.

Tickets available at Jewishtickets.com and at Judaica World in Crown Heights.

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