Feb 8, 2019
Rabbi Mendel Baumgarten, 92, obm

Rabbi Mendel Baumgarten, patriarch of a large Lubavitcher family whose open home hosted many guests, passed away on Friday.

By COLlive reporter

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Baumgarten, a Lubavitcher chossid who lived in Crown Heights and patriarch of a large family, passed away on Friday, 3 Adar I 5779.

He was 92.

After the Second World War, he was sent by the Frierdiker Rebbe to the displaced persons (DP) camps in Europe to support the many Jewish refugees, among them hundreds of Chabad families.

The Rebbe himself, then known as the Ramash, arranged their trip including the tickets and travel plan. While they received the instruction in the month of Kislev, they were told to bring with them flour for Shmura Matzah and raisins for Kosher L'Pesach wine.

Once they arrived, they learned the Joint organization was only going to provide regular Matzah for Pesach. The frum Jews insisted on Mehadrin Matzah despite the hardships of the times.

"We then understood why the Frierdiker Rebbe told us to take such a large amount of flour," R' Mendel recalled. "We told the refugees that the Lubavitcher Rebbe thought about them. They couldn't thank the Rebbe enough. Years later, when I met a few of them who immigrated to the US, they remembered the outstanding shipment from the Frierdiker Rebbe."

His home was nicknamed "Avraham Avinu's house" for the open and hospitable approach that he, together with his wife, Nechama obm, had to many visitors for many years.

People from all walks of life, including future baalei teshuva, visiting the Rebbe at Lubavitch Headquarters - 770 Eastern Parkway, lodged at the Baumgarten's warm home, which inspired many to build a Chassidic family of their own.

He was predeceased by his wife Mrs. Nechama Baumgarten on Friday, 1 Av, 5776.

He is survived by his children Rabbi Yossel Baumgarten - Johannesburg, South Africa; Mrs. Shterna Rodal - Los Angeles, California; Mrs. Breina Popack - Tzfas, Israel; Rabbi Leibel Baumgarten - Hamptons, NY; Rabbi Sholom Ber Baumgarten - Crown Heights; Rabbi Zalman Baumgarten - Crown Heights; Mrs. Chanale Posner - Plantation, Florida; Mrs. Tzirl Suede - Mexico; Rabbi Levi Baumgarten - Crown Heights; grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

He was predeceased by his brother, Rabbi Berel Baumgarten obm of Argentina, and sister Mrs. Yachet Eichorn obm, of Jerusalem, who yartzeit is also today, 3 Adar I.

The levaya will take place on Sunday, leaving Shomrei Hadas in Boro Park at 11:00 am and passing by 770 Eastern Parkway at 12:00 pm, and then Kahal Chassidim (Baumgarten Shul).

The family will be sitting Shiva at 1608 Carroll Street, Brooklyn, NY. Five minyanim are needed. Shacharis: Two at 7:15 am, two at 8:20 am one at 9:00 am. Mincha & Maariv bizmana.

Baruch Dayan Haemes: Menachem Mendel ben Zev

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Opinions and Comments
Oye !He was my shadchan in 1973
(2/8/2019 12:54:18 PM)
A true Chasidishe Yid. A Gaon in Kabolas Oyl.
(2/8/2019 1:18:19 PM)
For all of the early BT's
The Baumgarten home on Shabbos was a taste of Gan Eden - the "boys" singing with their father, the delicious food, the warm & welcoming family atmosphere, the kovod for the parents - a true Chabad House right here on Carroll Street ! A profound loss ... Moshiach NOW !!!!
(2/8/2019 1:37:29 PM)
Hosted my Reb Mendel.
Sad to see a man of his statue passed away.

The notice talks about his hospitality. Which indeed was part excellence. Without question nor discrimination nor any judgments to any.
Reb Mendel was a true Mentch in the full sense of the word. His extreme calm nature his Hadras Ponim his smile and warm character. His Midos was one for example. Always accomplishing the Kabel Kol Odom Besefer Ponim Yofos. Knowing him personally, while with him you felt loved safe and relaxed. A true Tzadik.
In addition, remembering being hosted at his Shabbos and Yom Tov Table with his Eishel Chover Rebbetzin Nechama. Listening to his golden voice. His depth and sincerity with meaning and accomplishments while expressing every tone of the medoly with in a Nigun Simcha and especially with a deep Nigun Hisororios.

May his Neshoma reach the greatest of heights. May he be a Gute Beter for his family and Klal Yisroel.
May it be even before Sundays scheduled Levaya. Me he be Zocho Bekorov to Vehekitzu Veraninu Shochnei Ofor.

Hamokom Yenacheim....... only good and happy circumstances for the entire Baumgarten Family.
(2/8/2019 1:39:20 PM)
Iconic voice of some nichoach recordings.
(2/8/2019 1:58:25 PM)
Friend of the family
Aside from all above mention attributes he was also from the ones who started Nigunim by the Rebbes Farbriengens
(2/8/2019 3:19:04 PM)
Yossi stern
So sorry to hear this news,,,, he was a special man , he will be missed.. bde....
(2/8/2019 3:21:23 PM)
To The Baumgarten Family(Leibel)
BDH a man of the highest stature . a true Goan in Kablos oyl .
(2/8/2019 3:30:08 PM)
BDE - we grew up with your father and enjoyed his gentle soul and beautiful voice ! May he be a beacon of light and blessing from heaven to his beautiful family and legacy
Kayol taaroik...
(2/8/2019 5:19:23 PM)

So sorry to hear about Uncle Mendel .
We extend our wishes for Arichas Yomim to the family and may we only share in Simchas.

Fondest memories of the Baumgarten home.

(2/9/2019 5:17:50 PM)
big Z Schapiro
(2/9/2019 6:13:52 PM)
Shaliach Tzibbur par excellence
As the Baal Tefillah on the Yamim Noraim and on Yomtov he is still missed. His clarity in the Nusach, the wonderful Niggunim, and,above all, the Emes one felt in his davenning, carried the Kehillah.....Thank you, Rabbi Baumgarten.
(2/9/2019 8:33:05 PM)
His dedication to women doing mitzvos
While I did not regularly attend the Baumgarten shul, I, along with many other women, went early on Shabbos morning to hear Rabbi Baumgarten for Parshas Zachor and his beautiful reading of the Megillah on Purim. His reading was very appreciated.
(2/9/2019 9:16:04 PM)
Levi Feller
I was zoche to see the Rebbe many times as a child bc of their wonderful hospitality
May his memory be for a blessing
(2/9/2019 9:24:53 PM)
To The Baumgarten Family
Rabbi Menachem Mendel and Nechama Baumgarten:

A priviledge to know them, here and in the world to come.

LY Garbose, Los Angeles

(2/9/2019 9:41:09 PM)

I have fond memories of the many beautiful Shabbos dinners I spent withe the Baumgartens. Rabbi Baumgarten was always so kind and spoke so nicely to everyone who came. Of course the singing was so beautiful. Rochel Leah (Brown) Kosofsky
(2/9/2019 10:56:12 PM)
shepsil chicago
over 50 years ago we drove to be with The Rebbe for
and where we were to stay was cancelled. We, parents and children, were taken to The Baumbartens'. R'Mendel most graisiously put us up for Shabbos and a couple days more. Mrs. B and their family were not even home. We brought in Shabbos food, when R'Mendel saw we somehow did not have hard boiled eggs, he cooked them for us. He left for the country and his family after Shabbos, leaving us alone in their house.
We later got to know both R'Mendel and Mrs,
A simple description: They were The Rebbe's Chasidim.

Hesha and Shabsi Chaim Turner
(2/9/2019 11:15:40 PM)

BDE .A great man a tremendous family.Enough Golus MHM NOW👀👀👀👀👍
(2/10/2019 12:48:55 AM)
Menachem Kovacs
BDE very warm memories of him from his Shul on Shabbos!
Thank you Hashem!
(2/10/2019 6:09:54 AM)

What a legacy your father and mother gave you. We came to Crown heights which was so foreign to us in so many ways but the minute we enterrd the Baumgaurten home... It WAS HOME.We women's Libbers sat separate from all the boys without a minute of feeling second best. How could one feel second best when showered with acceptance and joy and laughter!!people like your parents never die!!Im sure they are happily together receiving instructions from Mashiach how to guide us all on the front line bez'h today. All our comfort in these days til that moment. Tzfas chaveros
(2/10/2019 1:30:48 PM)
An Incredible Human Being
One of the most honest, caring person I ever met in the 28 years I lived in CH. It is reflected is is beautiful Chassidishe mishpocho. MAY HE HASTEN THE REVELATION OF MH"M. He will be truly missed. Isser Goldstein
(2/10/2019 11:02:37 PM)
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