Feb 8, 2019
27 Years Since Mrs. Lapine Murder

Today marks 27 years since the Levaya of Mrs. Pesha Leah Lapine Hy”d whose horrific murder sent shockwaves through the Jewish community, and whose levaya the Rebbe personally attended.

Today, the 3rd of Adar l, marks 27 years since the Levaya of Mrs. Pesha Leah Lapine Hy”d who was murdered al kiddush Hashem.

Her vicious killing sent waves of shock through the entire Jewish community, and the Chabad community in Crown Heights in particular.

The Rebbe personally attended the Levaya with his deep pain visible on his face. Included here are photos from the Levaya; for a full gallery from this day, check out TheLivingArchive.org.

Following the end of Shiva, the Rebbe delivered an emotional Sicha, beseeching the Almighty to end this dark Galus and send Moshiach.

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Opinions and Comments
Remember it like yesterday
(2/8/2019 1:38:56 PM)
Ad Mosah!
Too long to wait 1
(2/8/2019 1:56:53 PM)
Hashem yerachem
End this golus now. Have mercy on your beloved nation!
(2/8/2019 4:33:13 PM)
Peshe Leah tzadekis
My mother ,and faigy Jacobson, used to take her food shopping once a week .
They took turns .
I remember I got out of the car brought all the bags upstairs to her door.
She said thank you for everything,and she will miss everyone .
I got back in to the car she waved to us .
Suddenly the news broke out .
This was such a painful tradegy .
I ,and the entire lefferts Ave hearts were bleeding of pain .
What ashock

Hashem should continue comforting the family
Ad mosai
Moshiach should come ,and they should be reunited with their mother once again
(2/9/2019 1:51:16 PM)
Too long
May her children find comfort in knowing how the Rebbe loved and respected their mom. She was a very special woman!
(2/10/2019 7:07:14 PM)
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