Feb 7, 2019
Shloshim For Rabbi Yonah Avtzon

Watch: A memorial evening marking the Shloshim of Rabbi Yonah Avtzon with talks by Rabbi Simon Jacobson and others.

By COLlive reporter

Hundreds of people turned out this past Thursday evening for an event commemorating the Shloshim since the passing of Rabbi Yonah Avtzon, of blessed memory. 2,000 people watched the livestream on COLlive.com.

Two special video presentations highlighted Rabbi Avtzon's unique accomplishments.

"Living for Others" was a tribute to his incredible ahavas yisroel and tireless efforts in Shidduchim, of which he merited bringing close to 400 to fruition.

"The Rebbe's Man" told the story of Sichos In English, the publishing organization which received the Rebbe's direct guidance and approval to disseminate his teachings to the English-speaking world. As its director for over 40 years, Rabbi Avtzon was personally responsible for printing hundreds of books of Chassidus.

Rabbi Simon Jacobson and R' Meyer Preger described Rabbi Avtzon's humble and total dedication to the Rebbe and his shlichus, and discussed the tremendous impact of SIE on the world, which paved the way for all other endeavors in translating Chassidus.

Family members also shared words of inspiration in the spirit of "vehachai yiten el libo", and announced a new initiative going forward to publish and share a weekly farbrengen from the original Sichos In English volumes, with the goal of reprinting the foundational set. Attendees also received a teshurah consisting of foundational essays published by SIE.

Participants shared that they left this unique Shloshim event uplifted and inspired by its positive energy and message.


Two other inspirational events marked Rabbi Avtzon's Shloshim in Israel and in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The family extends appreciation to the following individuals for their overwhelming support in this difficult time, as well as their support to SIE through the fundraising campaign: The extended Avtzon and Chazan families, Rabbonei Hashchuna, Chevra Kadisha, Misaskim, Click Consulting, Rabbi Benjy Stock, friends, the Crown Heights and broader Chabad community, and the SIE Staff: Rabbi Eli Touger, Uri Kaploun, Itchie Turner, Meyer Preger.

The family wishes to specifically thank the following individuals for their assistance in making the Shloshim event possible: Benny Wolf, Bais Rivkah, Click Consulting, Chana Peterson, Shamai Chein - 321Motion, Vaad Printing, Choni Milecki, Fitche Benshimon, Yanky Telsner, Yechiel Toibenblat - YTMV Design, Levi Hillel, Albany Bakery and COLlive.com.

All publications of Sichos In English continue to be available for free online at sie.org. Those wishing to support the continuation of Reb Yonah's work can still contribute at sie.org/partner.

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Opinions and Comments
Herzog Family from Los Angeles
Please post video for this great human being so all
those people who considered him a good friend from near &
and far can partake in his Shloshim
(2/3/2019 2:36:51 PM)
i wish i can be there
can there be a live broadcast for the out of crown heightsers?
(2/3/2019 4:08:16 PM)
Live stream?
(2/3/2019 7:10:15 PM)

Here in Bnei Brak.Oy vey😯 we miss you
(2/4/2019 7:42:35 AM)
Live Stream
Will there iyH be a live stream or video posted so all of us out of town can participate?
(2/4/2019 12:00:32 PM)
Yes there will be a livestream
Info will be posted closer to time
(2/4/2019 2:15:24 PM)
Thank you Collive for streaming
What a beautiful evening. Thank you R' Yonah for all that you did
(2/7/2019 8:24:40 PM)
Thank you for the livestream
Thank you you for giving us all the opporunity to participate in the shloshim of such a special chossid.. R' Yonah Avtzon.
May he continue to work hard up in shomayim and storm the heavens and help fulfill the ultimate mission and shlichus of bringing Moshiach Now!!
(2/7/2019 9:53:42 PM)
May we be zocheh
To meat with reb yonah teikef imiyad mamash
(2/7/2019 10:15:11 PM)
the apple doesnt fall from the tree
Having lived in detroit doing mivtozim in the seventies , eighties with his mother Bina Avtzon a"h a very special lady well known throughout the frum community establishing the community mikvah , his father well know for his strict kashurus standards and the shul still there a stiebel call the Avzton Shul" as we see strong roots hold the tree and its fruits strong... the authenticity of their chassidis is what made a strong impression my husband and myself till this day and made my husband so to speak feel as if the avtzon family are his brothers and sisters .. rspershin ......may the authenticity of being a chassid of the rebbe continue on Moshiach NOW
(2/8/2019 6:19:39 AM)
Please post the videos that were shown
There were two short videos shown at the program. Can you post them separately?
(2/8/2019 6:47:53 AM)
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