Jan 10, 2019
Son Sings His Father's Classic

Watch Tali Yess sing "My Zaidy" composed by his legendary late father Moshe Yess as tributes poured in, in honor of his yartzeit.

By COLlive reporter

Tali Yess has studied music at Concordia University and marketing at Cornell University. He is married, is blessed with children, and lives in Monsey where runs his label, N.Y. Productions.

But he still very much lives with the memories of his late father, Moshe Yess of blessed memory. Until his passing in 5771, Moshe Yess was known as a trailblazer of Jewish music and one of the most beloved performers and musicians of his time.

His son Tali now runs his fan page on Facebook and sings many of the songs his father composed over his long career. Tali has recently released his own version of his father's hit song "My Zaidy," almost four decades after it was composed.

"I find its content to be more and more relevant as the generations go by," he wrote to COLlive.com. "This was an opportunity for me to breathe a breath of new life into a song that was released before I was born."

AUDIO: Download here

On Wednesday night, Tali Yess wrote his to his friends that the 4th of Shvat is the yartzeit of his father's passing at the age of 65. "Please do a Mitzvah or learn a bit of Torah in his memory," he asked. "His Jewish name was Moshe Aharon ben Ze'ev."

Avraham Rosenblum, veteran Jewish rock singer and leader of the Original Diaspora Yeshiva Band, responded: "Your father was the most professional entertainer in Jewish Message music. I was awed by Megama’s performances. He had a zany sense of humor too, which I found out about when we went drinking at BB King’s after one of the HASC shows he and I did together. May Moshe Aharon ben Ze’ev’s neshama have an Aliyah."

While R' Mendy Chanin, a resident from Crown Heights, calls Yess a special man. "We had a really great time when he came to camp in Gan Menachem and rocked the house, and in camp in Tannersville when he came for a Shabbaton," he recalled.

Dovid YB said he remembers that performance as well. "He was in rare form that night. Played many requests. But I remember he wouldn't play "there ain't no bishul in a kli shlishi" because he has come to learn that there are situations where there could be bishul in a kli shlishi."

Singer Sholom Jacobs paid tribute to Yess by calling him "a special man with a special soul." He went on to write that Yess was an "incredible musician that dedicated his life to bringing Jews closer. (I have) fond memories of his visits to Scotland and the UK tour (which) I arranged for him when I was only 16 years old."

Shifra Zipp Klein, founder of the Sugar Chai bakery service in Los Angeles, wrote: Your father’s music brought our family back to yiddishkeit. May his neshama have an Aliya."

VIDEO: "Zaidy" by Moshe Yess

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Opinions and Comments
that voice!!!wow
you are so so talented and sound so much like your dad
always loved his music ! thank you for this! just beautiful
(1/10/2019 3:06:36 PM)
very comforting
love the way the amazing Moishe Yess lives on through his son! His rendition is just as stirring. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Moishe Yess who made Torah and Mitzvos fun and happy especially with his Marvelous Midos Machine which my kids grew up with and loved! Nothing comes close. May his special holy neshama have an aliya. Just gave Tzedaka and will learn in his memory.
(1/10/2019 3:27:19 PM)
Megama Duo
I wish I could get hold of the original tapes. They got lost on our many moves.
(1/10/2019 3:53:32 PM)
I couldn't hear it
but I have so many beautiful memories of Moshe Yess's fabulous songs.
(1/10/2019 3:58:10 PM)
I will never forget the concert that Moshe Yess was featured here in London approx 30 years ago - he was amazing - His siincerity, sense of humor and talent won me over and have been a fan ever since..
Both versions are beautiful - hatzlacha to his son, his father must be getting much nachas.
Just wish he lived to see Moshiach but sure he must be making waves up above.
May his neshoma come back down with techias hameisim.
(1/10/2019 4:03:51 PM)
made me cry
I can't explain it, but the tears just poured. Beautiful.
(1/10/2019 4:47:49 PM)
Stunning rendition! Be blessed . . . and continue singing!
(1/10/2019 4:53:23 PM)
tali! wow!
Amazing Tali! Keep it up!
(1/10/2019 5:00:57 PM)
Moshe was the real deal,
Emes to a fault.

He moved so many neshamos,
And got the best results.

Along comes Tali, second generation,
Dad and mom are brimming with adulation.

“Continue, continue, go on and be strong” they say,
Tali, you’re the best, continue making everyone’s day!
(1/10/2019 5:03:41 PM)
Wow a great voice to a great classic!! Sooo amotionol
I grew up with the famous marvilous middos mochine. He did it together with abie rottenberg. Not only was he a great singer, he was also a great actor. May his nishama have an aliya. Amen.
(1/10/2019 5:24:27 PM)
You have the gift!
You sound exactly as your father did decades ago!! May Hashem bensch you to inspire people as he did with his beautiful music and voice.
(1/10/2019 5:30:47 PM)
I grew up on his songs and I was wondering how I would deal with hearing a young new voice singing the most beloved song of our family— YOU ARE SO TALENTED. We need and want more more more
(1/10/2019 5:38:25 PM)
Your Singing is very very special and very very truthful nice and pure, may your parents and grand parents have from you lots of nachas. It's a pleasure to listen to you, Hatzlocho raboh umuflogo.
(1/10/2019 5:39:49 PM)
Dear Tali

Dear Tali

Your voice is heavenly

You can feel Neshomo when you sing

You have a rich deep sweet voice

Your father is surly having Nachas. The love of a father to his child is beyond description

Your father inspired countless people. Around the globe. He touched the heart and soul

The honor you are giving your father is praiseworthy

He well deserves the honor

Your father is a giant. His soul and his music live on. You stand proudly on his shoulders

Your natural voice is a gift which enables you to continue your father's legacy to inspire others

By unleashing your potential you bring Yiddishkeit to so many who are yearning to find meaning

The more Jewish soulful songs you sing the more you help others. That is a precious gift

Surly your father is blessing you and smiling

"My Zeide" is a custom made song for our times. It's a powerful moving song with a most powerful message

This song is a life changer. It sums up a post holocaust generation, who desperately seeks happiness

Each of us has a responsibility. We each have the opportunity to share and inspire. Especially the young generation

May Hashem bless you with good health and may you continue to carry the torch your father lit with pride and success. Warming the hearts and souls of Am Yisroel to our loving father in heaven

May we merit to hear your father sing , a father and son performance, with the coming of Moshiach Now

With respect and admiration

Hatslocho !

(1/10/2019 5:54:21 PM)
Incredible voice!
Moshe yess came a few times to do concerts and shabbatons for our chabad house. His voice and face were part of my childhood. His songs are still among my favorite from when I was young. He was an inspiration. Mat his neshama have an aliya
(1/10/2019 6:01:31 PM)
absolutely beautiful!
you did a fabulous job!!! this is one my favorite songs of your dad and you rocked it! ty, tovi zajdel
(1/10/2019 6:15:33 PM)
Fellow Montreal
Sounds like you got your dad's voice
(1/10/2019 6:46:04 PM)
Wow speechless and moved
Remember Moishe well and Tali May his memory be for s blessing. Your dad brought many to yiddishkeit with his music. You have s great future ahead of you. You sound just like him. He lives on through you! Chazak
(1/10/2019 7:29:51 PM)
(1/10/2019 8:21:45 PM)
Thank you
So beautifully done! Stirring voice
(1/10/2019 8:24:31 PM)
Rebbe Melech Hamoshiach, klal Yisroel needs you, please go to the kisei hakovod and declare a national emergency! You are the Moshe Rabbenu of this generation Rebbe, please please Daloi! ADMosai!!!!!!
(1/10/2019 8:35:16 PM)
Another Londoner
I remember that concert in London with fond memories; we were little children and we loved it. He also did a concert in Birmingham. Good memories.
(1/10/2019 8:47:50 PM)
Beautiful Naftali. Your father's neshama should have an aliya
(1/10/2019 10:54:15 PM)
Dear Tali
Beautiful beautiful! Well I can tell you a bit about my zaide. My zaide helped mkarev your father! Amazing music, may his neshama have an aliyah and much success in your shlichus!
(1/10/2019 11:50:53 PM)
Very uplifting
(1/11/2019 5:24:10 AM)
Thank you all so much!
Truly am overwhelmed with all the positive feedback.
You asked for more so here is a link to another cover of one of my father's songs. One of my music students Nachy asked me to please record my father's song called "Wild & Angry Boy" which is a modern day "My Zaidy" for the youth who grow up frum and leave the fold. It helped me find my way. Hopefully it will have a positive impact on others. I made a music video out of the recording as well. Let me know your thoughts.

Best regards,

~Tali Yess

Watch the video at the following link:

(1/11/2019 12:19:20 PM)
so beautiful and you sing it with so much heart and soul
(1/12/2019 7:14:57 PM)
beautiful tali!
watched both your song and video.
so much heart and soul!

surely making your parents proud!

fellow montrealer
(1/13/2019 1:12:06 AM)
beautiful voice
reminds of his dad,
love the music
(1/13/2019 9:01:11 PM)
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