Jan 9, 2019
Miami Mohel Interviewed on Bris

Rabbi Yosi Srugo, a Chabad mohel in Miami, was interviewed by Venezuela's former Chief Rabbi Pynchas Brener all about circumcisions.

Every Jewish male baby is led by his parents to be circumsized on the eigth day after birth. This ceremony is called Brit Milah and is performed by a Mohel, an individual trained to do this. It is a replica of the Pact that God made with the first Patriarch Abraham and with his descendants.

Rabbi Yosi Srugo (www.miamimohel.com) is a specialist in this field and is interviewed by Rabbi Pynchas Brener, former Chief Rabbi of Venezuela. We will endeavor to answer your questions in this matter.


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Amazing story
Amazing story of "star wars" bris
(1/10/2019 6:49:05 AM)
Go Rabbi Yossi Srugo!!
Great interview!! Great Mohel
(1/10/2019 10:32:06 PM)
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