Jan 8, 2019
180 Attend MicDrop by Rebbetzins

180 men and women filled the Miami Theater Center to hear talks by 5 local rebbetzins; Watch the emotional speech of Tzippy Weiss.

By COLlive reporter

"Stories From the Rebbetzin - An Empowering Evening Featuring the Feminine Force" took place on Sunday, January 6 at the Miami Theater Center in Miami Shores, Florida.

The MicDrop public speaking event was organized by Rosh Lowe, a former TV news reporter, despite some pushback against the notion of frum women taking the stage to speak about challenges in their lives.

MicDrop events typically feature non-professional speakers who open up on stage about a personal or impactful moment in their lives. Members of the audience later vote on their favorite speech.

"Jewish communities around the world are led by a Rabbi, and by his wife: the Rebbetzin. These women devote their days to their community, their strength to their service, and their minds to their mission," the event page reads.

"We all know the Rabbi - his public appearance, his sermons, his prayers - but what about his partner? What passions drive this fierce and feminine force to devote her years to a life of service? What narrative is behind all the wonder woman-like work that is invested in building and cultivating community?"

A crowd of 180 men and women came to hear speeches from Mrs. Sarah Barash of Jupiter, Mrs. Tzippy Weiss of Miami Lakes, Mrs. Devorah Kaplan of Fort Lauderdale, Mrs. Chani Wolfe of Highland Lakes and Mrs. Chanie Kaller of Sunny Isles.

The rebbetzins spoke on issues ranging from postpartum anxiety to the fear of public speaking to the back and forth struggle with belief and faith in Hashem despite hardships.

Weiss, co-director of Chabad Miami Lakes and North West Dade, says that after her speech, 3 people from the crowd came over to her and said her talk inspired them to have more children.

"Your voice and your struggles, your challenges and self-discovery, and your learning and growing, may inspire others so do not hold back if you have something to share because you may change a life," Weiss shared.

VIDEO: Rebbetzin Tzippy Weiss - Our Thoughts Can Change Our Reality

VIDEO: Eda Schottenstein - 3 Reasons to Never Speak in Public

If you would like Tzippy to speak at your Chabad Center or venue about Facing and Embracing Life's Challenges email her at chabadmiamilakes@gmail.com

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Opinions and Comments
Rivkah Aisenbach
Eda, your presentation was wonderful and enlightening.
Keep up your good work and in a million years Iwould never have guessed that you have stage fright.
(1/8/2019 8:45:25 PM)
please post
where are the rest of the speeches?
(1/8/2019 9:21:59 PM)
Unbelievable Eda!!! You are such an inspiration! What a beautiful moving talk
(1/8/2019 11:07:55 PM)
Yakov Kirschenbaum

Way to go Eda!! Very nice.
(1/9/2019 2:02:58 AM)
Different twist
Tzipporah beautiful heartfelt talk!!!!!

I don’t believe you need challenges to be great.
We get challenges because it’s galus!
When you get thru a challenge you did it! You
Survived! You accomplished overcoming darkness and

However you can be great even if you have
No chanllanged!
I give everyone a brocha no one has challenges or suffers!!!!
(1/9/2019 5:26:12 AM)
Why a competition?
I get that there’s something to learning public speaking, but why do shluchas have to be put in competition with each other for the “best” speech of the night? Can’t they just express themselves without the need to be more revealing or personal or have a more “intense” story than someone else? Why are we ranking their personal struggles for a prize? That part makes no sense to me.
(1/9/2019 6:52:45 AM)
I agree with u totally! Hashem should send No suffering at all & no nisyonos becuz Hey!! Were soposed to b living WITH Moshiach NOW!! We need to open our eyes & see only the good & the Geula!!!
(1/9/2019 7:46:09 AM)
Never judge
You can never know the pain of another person never and you can never judge one situation against a similar one bc each persons struggles are unique to them .
(1/9/2019 7:53:42 AM)
Bitachon all the way
This resonated with me so much and brought me to tears. I lost my first baby in the 2nd trimester and had high risk pregnancies with lots of scares and hospital visits. BITACHON IS WHAT GOT ME THROUGHT IT 100%. I would learn Chovos halevavos and read the Rebbe's letters over and over and it is without a doubt what got me through it and I believe it's the reason for my healthy babies BH. Tracht gut veit zein gut is absolutely real! Thank you Tzippy for your talk, I needed to hear it today :)
(1/10/2019 2:35:18 PM)
Number 5
Amen! It is true, when moshiach will come we will have no challenges and we will still be great.
While we are not yet there, remembering that our struggles make us stronger and great can help us cope when things get rough
(1/10/2019 4:25:03 PM)
powerful women
so beautiful to see the women who keep our moisdos running with their determination, tenacity, strength and vision articulating their message and sharing their voices with others. the repercussions can be felt around the world as we reach the time the Alter Rebbe talked about, "kol sosson v'kol simcho kol chosson v'kol kalloh" hearing the voice of women in a holy, empowering way. so special.
(1/13/2019 2:51:33 PM)
Devorah Kaplan
Always leading by example and leaving love wherever she goes and in whatever she does.
(1/22/2019 10:09:45 AM)
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