Dec 4, 2018
Help Little Chana to See

Chana, the first born to a young Chabad couple, was born blind, an expensive transplant is her only hope to see and develop as a normal child. Your help is needed.


Chana, the first born to a young Chabad couple, was born blind, an expensive transplant is her only hope to see and develop as a normal child. Your help is needed. In his letter, Rabbi Menachem M. Gluckowsky urges all to generously donate to this worthy cause.

Chana is the first born to her young parents (a family of Anash that I personally know). Their overwhelming joy of parenthood was deeply disturbed when the doctors informed them that their child has a condition called Congenital Corneal Opacities. In their opinion little Chana had no chance of ever seeing.

With no doctor In Israel giving her any hope, her loving parents wasted no time and spared no effort. After much research they found Dr. Gerald Zaidman at the Westchester Medical Center, a specialist in corneal transplants. They were advised that he may be able to help. Although their insurance company refused to cover any expenses involved, the family traveled to New York to meet with Dr. Zaidman. After examining Chana's eyes he agreed to perform the surgery and was very optimistic that the surgery will be successful.

One year ago the transplant on one eye was successfully performed, thanks to generous donors from around the world. And the miracle occurred, Chana began to see from one eye!

Chana is still over 75% blind!

Although the surgery was more successful than expected, Chana is still over %75 blind! A second transplant and expensive treatments and therapy can grant her the vision needed to function and develop as a normal child.

to make this a reality we must raise $70,000, to cover the high costs of the transplant and other medical expenses not covered by insurance.

I urge you to open your heart and generously take part in this tremendous Mitzva. After all, we are all one family. We cannot let our daughter miss her opportunity to see with both of her eyes. I am confident that together we will make this dream a reality.

Please donate generously at

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Gluckowsky

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BS”D Send a check ?
(11/12/2018 8:41:08 AM)
Send a check
To: Tomchei Israel - Chana
626 East New York Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11203
(11/12/2018 10:23:41 AM)
Please Yidden!
Its so nice to see our schools raising 1-2 million in less than 24 hours MAZAL TOV
BUT PLEASE... Help this little girl have vision!
I'm giving but please HELP and be part of this Mitzvah
(11/18/2018 12:54:29 PM)
give even $10
every amount adds up
(11/18/2018 5:34:26 PM)
Do u have PayPal account for her ? Pls share all options
Refua Shleima , pls guys donate she is beautiful little girl amc need to see and explore the beauty of the world
(11/19/2018 9:05:59 AM)
Give, please
It doesn't need to be a huge amount if you can't afford it. Imagine! this is one of those rare times where all it takes is money and G-d's right medical shaliach to buy the ability to SEE , and more...
Parenthetically, what's the matter with these insurance companies, for goodness sake? This isn't an "optional" procedure; the poor child is BLIND and this is the ONLY way she'll gain even a modicum of sight. I just don't get it...
(11/19/2018 11:07:02 PM)
Can you open paypal account pls too , thank you and refua shleima
Pls all donate as much as you can , little girl need to grow and see the beauty of HAShem world around her
(12/4/2018 9:10:58 PM)
From Israel
Just donated from my US bank account. Please do the same if you live overseas & have a US account. Or find another way! We must help this beautiful child!

May the Chanukah lights bring true light to her eyes, amayn!
(12/6/2018 12:32:32 PM)
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