Nov 7, 2018
300 Wines Displayed at NY Expo
Photos: Shimi Kutner/COLlive

The Long Island Kosher Wine Expo featured over 300 wines from around the world and an array of foods from local restaurants.

By COLlive reporter
Photos: Shimi Kutner/COLlive

The Long Island Kosher Wine Expo took place last Sunday, making it the second year of what will become an annual event, each year growing bigger and better than the last.

The event was held at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City, New York, where attendees got to take a walk through aviation history as they sipped on wines. The 18,000 sq. ft. room contained dozens of aircraft, from balloons to modern day planes.

The expo included wines from over 75 major kosher wine producers, who showcased their latest and best creations, as well as vintages not yet available, to taste for the first time.

Tasters also got exclusive opportunities to try out library wines (wines that are no longer in production, and remain only in people's personal collections) such as the Shirah Winery 2014 Coalition, and bottles from wineries who were featured at a US event for the first time.

The event, organized by Yehoshua Werth, benefited Young Israel Shul of Huntington, NY. Werth has run Grape Vine, the oldest Kosher New York wine store outside of the Five Boroughs for 8 years, and has a fascination with the connection between wines and aircraft. We learned from Werth that a sequence of wines is called a "flight", which brought him the inspiration for hosting the event in a museum of aviation.

Over 300 bottles of wine came from over 75 wineries, including Shiloh Winery, Hajdu, and Psagot, Chateau Smith Havt Lafite, Gat Shomron Winery, Janisson Rose, Avshalom Winery, Vignobles David, Shirah, Goblet, Carma and Amos and at least 10+ premium distilleries were featured.

The food line up included restaurants such as Heritage Kosher Foie Gras, Marani Glatt Kosher Georgian Restaurant, Eden Wok New Rochelle - Full Sushi Bar, West Wing, Grow & Behold, Estihana Brooklyn, and R&Z Kosher Smoked Meats AKA Smokin' on the Highway.

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Yehoshua Werth

Thank you sooo Much for coming, sharing with us and truly helping us turn weapons into Plows as the Torah tells us; When MOSHIACH COMES!
(11/8/2018 6:47:33 PM)
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