Nov 6, 2018
Smile, It's a School Fire Drill

1,600 students at Bais Rivkah in Crown Heights were all smiles when they practiced a fire drill in the middle of a school day.

By COLlive reporter

Silent smiles.

It was an impressively smooth process when 1,600 students and teachers of Bais Rivkah took part in a fire safety drill in the Campus Chomesh building on Lefferts Avenue in Crown Heights.

Overseen by the NYPD with assistance from Shomrim volunteers, students walked quickly downstairs from all floors of the building in silence and in an orderly manner to the gathering point outside.

A board member of Beis Rikvah told that although the school has been reviewing security measures since the Pittsburgh Massacre, this drill was planned ahead of time.

"We do such fire drills a couple times a year and we were waiting for a nice day," the person said. "It's a big job but it's something that we do on a regular basis to make sure that students know where to go if G-d forbid there is a fire."

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Obviously all smiles they're missing skl....
(11/6/2018 4:48:23 PM)
Others should see and learn
My sons say they wouldn’t know if it’s real or not because each time there’s a fire alarm that goes off they immediately announce to go back to class.
It is not a waste of Torah time to do fire drills !
(11/6/2018 6:07:02 PM)
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