Oct 10, 2018
A Viktor Frankl Coaching Program

Therapist Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch is launching the "Viktor Frankl Coaching Program" for Lubavitchers and Shluchim.

A new program to train Shluchim and Anash to become certified coaches is now beginning its second year, starting again on Nov. 11.

The Think Good/Viktor Frankl Coaching Program taught by Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, LMFT, is training laypeople, Shluchim, businesspeople, and educators how to understand and motivate their congregants/students achieve their financial, personal and spiritual goals based upon the writings of Viktor Frankl. It is certified by the International Coaching Federation, which is the gold standard of the coaching world.

Many Shluchim, educators, and business people have already participated in the online, live and interactive webinars, under the instruction of Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, who shares his experience as a marriage, individual therapist and coach.

He takes the students through an extensive 16-week curriculum that teaches the key concepts in counseling and coaching including: Solution-Focused Coaching, Positive Psychology, Torah Psychology, Logotherapy (Viktor Frankl), and “Think Good and It Will Be Good” (Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, LMFT).

Rabbi Schonbuch believes that the training program can help Shluchim expand their outreach activities and improve their impact in their communities. Shluchim who have participated in the program say that it was a life-changing experience that has taught them how to motivate their congregants. Former participants include Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky, Rabbi Ronnie and Simcha Fine, Rabbi Osher Kravitsky, Rabbi Meilech Bronshteyn, Mrs. Sarah Latowicz and others.

Rabbi Kravitsky was particularly moved by Rabbi Schonbuch’s classes on marriage coaching and the workshops he prepared the coaches to provide their communities. Rabbi Osher Kravitsky noted that “all of the skills and ideas that are taught on this program and its methods are absolutely imperative for Shluchim”.

Mrs. Latowicz commented how powerful an experience it was for her. “I really enjoyed the classes with Rabbi Schonbuch. The experience was simply amazing,” said Mrs. Latowicz.

Viktor Frankl’s approach to coaching is the focus of the program which explores, through Frankl’s writings and videos, how to help people discover meaning through changing their attitudes and viewing life from a different perspective. Frankl’s book “Man’s Search for Meaning” and “The Doctor and the Soul” are used as guides to self growth and how to overcome barriers to success.

According to Rabbi Schonbuch, “the program teaches the fundamentals of counseling and coaching such as active listening, building rapport with a client, establishing goals, and learning how to motivate clients who are just stuck. We then move on to explore various specializations including coaching couples, parents, teens at risk, wellness coaching, helping singles on shidduchim, and strategic planning in business. Finally, I spend the last few weeks of the program helping each participant develop and launch their own business model.”

In addition to the live online-instruction, students pair off and get to practice their coaching skills each week with a partner via the web.

According to Rabbi Schonbuch, “It’s very exciting watching the students practice their skills during the webinar and create friendships with other students who are trying to become coaches. We meet every week online for two hours at a time providing over 32 hours of instruction during the 16 weeks. During the course I work hard to to uncover the unique potential in each student and help them actualize their dreams. For example, some of the students including the Shluchim want to focus on helping singles get married, while others want to focus on coaching their congregants to fulfill their spiritual potential. One of my students wanted to work with young women transitioning from seminary into the real world while another was looking to help women recover from postpartum depression.”

Students also learn how Torah and Chassidic concepts can be used to motivate people to change. According to one participant Moshe Spira, “I just wanted to tell you that I'm listening to the recording of Class 6 and I'm literally breathless and have no words to comment on how powerful and full of real Torah Hashkofah that class was. This is one class that I wish every student (and really any frum person) would hear. The short episodes and real-life lessons showing the power of Emunah!!! Wow!!! That lesson is worth millions!!!"

Another graduate Izzy Lazerowitz, who lives in Monsey, commented that “The coaching program has exceeded my expectations in providing me the knowledge base and teaching me the coaching and counseling skills to help my future clients. Not only is it providing me with the tools I will need to help others, but the program has been instrumental in improving the relationship that’s around me including family members and loved ones. It has been an invaluable in I approach each day.”

Participants are given lifelong access to an online coaching library where they can download worksheets for intake and setting and monitoring goals, and Viktor Frankl’s Purpose In Life Test that is used to help people gauge their level of meaning in life. The library also offers numerous coaching videos and recordings of the live classes that students can review in the future.

The next class is starting on Nov. 11. To join the program and watch one free lesson please visit www.TorahPsychology.org or call Rabbi Schonbuch at 646-428-4723.

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Crown heights
Is there a way we can get a course to be done in person in crown heights? Instead of online
(10/11/2018 9:16:23 AM)
such a needed course which must be pushed more and more
(10/11/2018 2:09:19 PM)
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