Oct 7, 2018
2 Murdered in Samaria Attack

2 people were murdered in a shooting attack at industrial park in Samaria. The terrorist has escaped, forces are searching the area.

By Arutz Sheva

2 people were murdered and another person wounded Sunday morning in a terror attack in the Barkan Industrial Park in Samaria.

Authorities identified a man and a woman who were killed as Kim Levengrond Yehezkel, 29, a married mother of a baby, and Ziv Hajbi, a 35-year-old father of three.

Yehezkel was from the central Israeli town of Rosh Haayin, while Hajbi hailed from Rishon Lezion. They were shot dead by a Palestinian gunman at the Barkan Industrial Park near the settlement-city of Ariel.

Initial details found that the shooter, apparently a 23 year old PA resident of the village of Shuweika near Tulkarem who worked at a factory at the park, entered the factory with a rifle, ascended to one of the upper floors and began shooting. A man and woman in their 30s were murdered, while a 54 year old woman was seriously wounded and evacuated to Beilinson hospital in Petah Tikvah by Magen David Adom (MDA) emergency medical responders.

The hospital later announced that the condition of the evacuated woman, who suffered from a stomach wound, was classified as moderate and that her life was not in danger. She was hospitalized for further treatment.

The shooter has escaped. Security forces are searching the area for the suspect.

MDA medics David Baruchi and Neria Ketua described the scene. "When we arrived, there was chaos at the scene. People shouted that there were wounded persons inside, they led us in to one of the rooms, we saw a man and woman of about 30 lying unconscious without pulse and not breathing. We undertook medical checks, they had no vital signs and we were forced to confirm their deaths."

"We searched the scene and found another 54 year old woman under one of the tables. She was fully responsive with a gunshot wound to her upper body. With the help of MDA EMT Hadas Wilps, we extricated her and provided lifesaving medical treatment including hemorrhage control, medications, and we evacuated her to Belinson with severe yet stable injuries. During the evacuation, she was interacting with us, and was able to recount the incident. She also requested that we notify her family, which we did."

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(10/7/2018 9:44:05 AM)

, ?????
(10/7/2018 10:13:31 AM)
this is terrible! one shooting after the next! bde! hashem ynakem damam
(10/7/2018 11:25:56 AM)
Ad mosai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(10/7/2018 12:19:56 PM)
U.S chabad Connection
Tal Hajbi the brother of Ziv Hajbi Hayad is very close to Rabbi Levi Krinsky , Chabad of New Hampshire
Tal Davend at the chabad center a few days ago on Shemini. Atzeret.
(10/7/2018 3:26:09 PM)
So sorry to hear this, yet again...
Our hearts go out to the family, friends and community
(10/7/2018 4:57:06 PM)

Eibershter ENOUGH! Please pour thy wrath upon the nations that do not know you ... What is left to be done to really GET US OUT OF GOLUS ONCE AND FOR ALL??!!
(10/7/2018 8:52:30 PM)
So heartbreaking..
The Rebbe heartfelt pleas to approach this entire matter very differently, STILL go unheeded..
He spelled it all out, in so much detail!
Please, let's finally get well versed on this subject.
(10/7/2018 8:59:57 PM)
This out the Arabs
We give them homes and jobs for what? To be murdered? Throw then out.
(10/7/2018 11:38:21 PM)
The murderer worked there
The 2 people who were murdered were handcuffed first. The murderer worked there 7 months and knew them. This is the danger when hiring arabs instead of jews
(10/8/2018 3:58:29 AM)
Justice? Safety?
If the Israeli govt catches him they'll feed, house cloth and protect him till he's exchanged. Where is common sense?
(10/8/2018 4:47:58 PM)
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