Sep 12, 2018
If You Could Use $10K Right Now...

If you’ve ever thought “Hey, I could use an extra $10,000 right about now,” this is the raffle for you.


It’s Your Chance to Win $10,000 a Month! ChanceX12 Drawing in 2 Weeks

If you’ve ever thought “Hey, I could use an extra $10,000 right about now,” this is the raffle for you. (But if you’ve never thought that, you should still keep reading…)

ChanceX12 is the raffle you’ve never seen before! Enroll once – with a 1-year commitment for $36/month –and you’ll have the chance to win $10,000 every single month.

But hurry! The first drawing is just 2 weeks away, on September 26th!
That’s 12 chances to feel the rush and excitement of the game, and even better, 12 chances to win $10,000.

Now, if you’re not already convinced, get this– only 3,500 tickets will be sold. Your odds? 1 in 292! That’s right– big wins and even bigger chances.
So, to all those who never win raffles – this one’s for you.

All proceeds from the ChanceX12 raffle will benefit Mesivta Shaarei Adirim, a multidimensional, yeshiva high school that empowers students to be successful—not just in the classroom, but at life. The yeshiva provides opportunities for success alongside the traditional academic curriculum, through real-life training and vocational skills like photography, wood-working, martial arts, and more.

Under the leadership of Rabbi Mordechei Elbaum, Rabbi Avrohom Yitzchak Ausband, and Rabbi Shlomo Caplan, Mesivta Shaarei Adirim is the Midwest affiliate of Mesivta Shaarei Arazim of Monsey and continues to serve as a unique makom Torah for the Chicago community.

Grab your tickets before they’re gone - remember, just 3,500 tickets will be sold! Learn more at

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With that I could pay my rent, child's yeshiva bill, food, mc, visa, debts, and even lulav and etrog
(9/14/2018 1:15:33 AM)
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