Sep 9, 2018
Rosh Hashana Rush on Kingston
Photos: Shimi Kutner/COLlive

The streets of Crown Heights were buzzing Sunday, with local residents and guests preparing for the Rosh Hashana holiday.

Photos: Shimi Kutner/COLlive

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big Z Schapiro
I would like to wish all our guests and the Crown Heights community Kisva Vchasma Tovah Lshna Tovah Umesuka good Yom Tov
(9/9/2018 5:22:47 PM)
That's a BIG fish!
Yosef mokir Shabbos. May the one who bought it be blessed.
And may all of us be blessed too, with a sweet happy healthy year.
(9/11/2018 8:39:40 PM)
I spot Rabbi Silman!
Best college math professor of Touro college, using dreidels to explain statistics and quantum physics as an analogy of how Hashem runs the world.
(9/12/2018 8:07:47 PM)
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