Aug 9, 2018
CGI Florida Girls in Full Swing

Girls from all over U.S. have joined Camp Gan Israel of Lake Worth, Florida for an amazing summer experience of fun, learning and trips.

Girls from all over U.S. have joined Camp Gan Israel of Lake Worth, Florida for an amazing summer experience.

Girls from all over U.S.A came to join CGI Florida as it started its 5th year. With Executive Director and Shliach, Rabbi Yossi Biston at its helm and Liba Andrusier as Director, the camp has been a tremendous success.

Run by our talented head counselors, Mushky Laufer (New York) and Shaindy Reinitz (New York), the camp is full of Chayos, warmth and tangible inspiration.

The campers are filling up their days with Clubs, swimming, water slides, fun-themed days, Trampoline Park with Arcades and Birthday Day with Cupcake Wars. Daily Sefer Hamitzvos, Hayom Yom, Davening, Shiur and learning are all incorporated in a fun and exciting manner.

“Our emphasis is on hiring the most warm, caring and responsible head staff and counselors which we feel is imperative in running a great camp. Seeing the campers singing and dancing each day with such big smiles on their faces gives me such Simcha and I feel that CGI Florida is the best place for a Chabad girl to get their last “Camp Chayos” before the school year starts,” says Liba Andrusier, Director.

“Our very best part of the day is rest hour,” says a camper from bunk 3. “It’s fun to be in the bunk house to hang out with all the girls in our bunk and write letters to our parents.”

“I love how every day we have a surprise somewhere on one of the table that says the Hayom Yom of the day. A girl is then picked from the that table to read it on the microphone in front of the camp,” says another camper in bunk 7.

“Counselors look around during davening so they can give out Rebbe pictures to all those davening nicely. At the end of davening, there are winners of the whole camp who get a big Rebbe picture as a prize. Also, before heading to be bed, the campers learn a Niggun and after learning about it, the campers get to hear the song. It’s so cool how this camp makes being Chassidish so special and fun!” says another camper from bunk 8.

CGI Florida is the perfect combination of fun, excitement and Chassidishkeit all in one.

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I spy ... Chashie!
Go Chashie!!!
(8/9/2018 8:59:05 PM)
a friend
Go Raizy Goldshmid and Rivky Laufer!
(8/9/2018 9:17:29 PM)
Omg Chashie !!!!! U look gorgeous as always! Sending my love xoxo
(8/11/2018 9:11:47 PM)
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