Aug 8, 2018
Shluchim Unite to Help Each Other

Shluchim worldwide are banding together and joining a new membership-based emergency fund to be there for each other during times of need.

In the event of a passing, G-d forbid, of one of its members - shliach or shlucha, each member contributes a one-time donation of $72 to the affected family. Through the power of numbers, the members are able to provide immediate financial relief to the family in need in a dignified and respectable manner. The goal is to provide $100,000 in relief funds. However, The Shluchim Group will be activated once it has a minimum of 500 members, providing $36,000 to each family.

All funds collected go directly to the family; any processing and administrative fees are covered by a sponsor and dear friend of the Shluchim Office.

In the short time since launching, The Shluchim Group is quickly nearing their goal number of members to activate the group. Many Shluchim have joined, either by registering themselves, or by others doing so on their behalf. Friends, family, and supporters of Shluchim have taken part by registering as donors, as well.

“Though the response has been tremendous and the importance of this fund’s existence is real, we hope to never put it to use,” Rabbi Yisroel Treitel, administrator of The Shluchim Group, told COLlive.

The Shluchim Group is a project of The Shluchim Office and is overseen by an International Board of Directors.

Rabbi Shamai Ende - Sao Paulo, Brazil, Rabbi M M Gluckowsky -Rechovot, Israel, Rabbi Shmuel Greenberg - Vancouver, Washington, Rabbi Eli Rosenfeld - Eastern Shores, Florida, Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet - London, England, and Rabbi Ari Shishler - Strathavon, South Africa.

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Opinions and Comments
Great idea !!!
Kol hakavod !!!
So needed and so helpful !
(8/8/2018 6:55:11 PM)
Thank you!
Am I understanding that there will only be charges for an actual family, and that there is no extra fees or regular collection and money being saved up, etc.? that is huge. Thank you for initiating such a vital fund.
(8/8/2018 7:26:56 PM)
Who is the “sponsor and dear friend of the Shluchim Office”?
This is such a personal and real need. He has the menuchas hanefesh of many Shluchim now on his shoulders. Kol Hakavod.
(8/8/2018 7:29:55 PM)
BS”D Can’t non Schluchim join
(8/8/2018 7:44:57 PM)
How do we join for anash only?
(8/8/2018 8:19:41 PM)
Very thoughtful idea
I would want to give $72 anyways to tragedy CV. Seriously a no brainier to join.
(8/8/2018 8:25:55 PM)
To #4
There is a program for all frum jewish people Areivim USA
(8/8/2018 9:06:10 PM)
Life Insurance
Wouldn't it be much better for people to buy life insurance? That way you get the coverage you REALLY need for your spouse to support themselves for several years after ones passing?
(8/8/2018 9:19:52 PM)
Gedalya shemtov keeps going !!!
Bh keep doing the good work !
We behind you and will keep helping as much as we can
This Amazing mosad that you runing for over 30 years !
çæ÷ åàîõ !
(8/8/2018 9:45:06 PM)
To #8
1. Not everyone can get life insurance. Age, medical conditions etc can make you ineligible.

2. Many shluchim live in countries where life insurance doesn’t exist.
(8/8/2018 10:21:15 PM)
#8 spot on!
I was going to say the exact same thing! Life insurance; for a better life for those you left behind.
(8/9/2018 12:52:59 AM)
how can a non member donate?
Just tried the page, didn't find a way to donate
(8/9/2018 8:25:36 AM)
to 8
This isint meant to replace life insurance. This is just a membership group for Shluchim to help other shluchim and for a family to receive immediate funds in a dignified manner. Just an act of tzedaka of many on behalf of another shliach
(8/9/2018 9:02:47 AM)
@8 Exclusive life insurance policy for Shluchim
I believe there is also (separately) a life insurance policy for Shluchim.
(8/9/2018 9:26:07 AM)
To # 13
Correct # 13. This is meant to be an immediate infusion of money that can be used for kevura costs, transportation of family from out of town to the levaya & for use for loss of income that always happens when one sits shiva & till they get back on their feet.
As for Anash in Crown Hts, Areivim USA has on at least 2 occasions tried to do a membership drive, with little interest from the community. Maybe now is the time to try again. Areivim can be called at 866 727 3484.
(8/9/2018 3:45:56 PM)
Keren Yachad
There is similar amazing organization in Israel called Keren yachad that gives money per child and charges up to 64 shekels a year. Areivim has strange fine print (in Israel that won't give you money if you have life insurance as well)
May we never need the use of the funds, but when we need to Baruch Hashem they are there
(8/9/2018 4:18:57 PM)
To donate will allow you to register as a donor for every collection
(8/10/2018 8:13:28 AM)
Shluchim Office just doesn't stop!
Keep doing your amazing work!
(8/20/2018 7:19:06 PM)
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