Aug 7, 2018
BMD Detroit's Banquet on a Cruise

Bar Mitzvah Division of Camp Gan Israel of Detroit concluded with a grand trip to Niagara Falls and a banquet aboard a cruise.

BMD Detroit:

BMD Detroit just completed a month that exceeded everybody's wildest expectations in every way.

Throughout their stay at camp, the boys were treated to the highest standards of fun and excitement. The lucky campers enjoyed events with gourmet meals, complete with cookouts, pizza, and schnitzel baguettes. They also experienced some fantastic trips, including ropes coursing, mountain sliding, and a water park!

Of course, these fabulous bonuses did not come at the expense of regular camp activities. The exciting and competitive sports were a real highlight of the summer. Night activity and videos of the Rebbe were consistently presented as well.

The boys were also given the opportunity to engage in creative pursuits throughout a 2 day color war. They drew and painted, wrote songs and speeches, and led and directed their respective teams. During color war, the entire BMD joined for a grand Seder Sichos, where they learned a Sicha explaining the significance of their team names.

The Ruchnius aspects of BMD were of absolute prominence. With the Kluger Program, learning was a highly anticipated part of camp! The winners were awarded an exclusive and rare canvas photo of the Rebbe that was privately handed to the camp by the original photographer. Additionally, there was a daily Shiur on Rambam, after which the campers would review the day's material with a Chavrusa. At the end of the summer, the boys who participated in the program received their very own Rambam.

Chassidishkeit and fun came together in the masterfully planned 'Mivtza Leben.' Aptly themed to the "Game of Life," its goal was to help the boys get acquainted with the daily routines of a Chossid. Every boy was given a card with specific activities pertaining to the life of a Chossid. Anyone who fulfilled the required amount for the week was treated to an exclusive event, such as a "Sushi Event", and rewarded a weekly prize.

In order to ensure a truly unforgettable summer, BMD concluded their summer with a grand trip to Niagara Falls. From the Hornblower to the Whirlpool Jet Boat, the campers had an absolute blast. As they were preparing to make their way back to camp, the bus made a surprise stop in Toronto!

In typical BMD style, the boys were welcomed onto a cruise that had been elegantly set up for the grand BMD banquet. Over the course of the night, incredible memories were created. Cruising along the scenic Toronto skyline, the entire BMD made their way to the open front of the cruise. With the stunning view surrounding them, everyone put their hands around each other and began to sing "Goodbye Gan Yisroel". It was a truly incredible experience.

Although BMD Detroit 5778 is now in the books, BMD Detroit 5779 is only months away.

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Opinions and Comments

When is the next cruise? Rebbe MHM👍👍👍
(8/8/2018 5:10:10 AM)
My son had the best sunmer of his life!!
Thank you to the BMD director Rabbi and Mrs. Perlstein!!
(8/8/2018 6:54:37 AM)
A happy mother
My son came home so excited, he still hasn't stopped telling me all the details about his summer.
He also won't go to sleep without learning that days rambam!
Thank you so much BMD Detroit!! My next son will definitely be joining next year, bez"h
(8/8/2018 10:41:55 AM)
HC Mendel Winner!!!
You're a rockstar!
(8/9/2018 5:49:25 PM)
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